Zoho Vault: manage your passwords safely and easily.

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With everyone having so many accounts online and having to deal with remembering the password of each account and keeping it safe, having a password manager has been fundamental. But to choose a password manager is to choose a safe and trusted place to save your passwords. Where you can access them securely and from anywhere. So today I present you with Zoho Vault.
Zoho Vault is available on Android, iOS, and for desktop via Chrome and Firefox extensions. You need to sign up for an account at first either via your email, Google or Facebook account, after that you'll need a separate passphrase that protects your passwords aka your Vault. This passphrase will not be stored anywhere and it cannot be recovered, so you need to make sure you remember this or write it down somewhere safe.
  • On PC:
Once you're signed up and logged in into the vault, you'll need to install the browser extensions on your PC in order to enable auto fill; for example, if you open Twitter's website, where you have saved the password already, Zoho Vault will automatically enter your username and password.
From the business and sharing perspective, Zoho Vault lets you share passwords with team members. You can create multiple vaults, dubbed Chambers, and just give team members access to certain vaults. This lets you easily separate work-related accounts from your personal credentials, and you can simply let team members access the "Work" chamber to let them login to the company accounts.
From the simplicity perspective, adding passwords to the Vault is quite simple. You can either add them via the browser extension, or just log in to the website and it will offer to save your password on its own.
One thing I find missing with the extensions is the ability to import already saved passwords in the browser instead of writing every password of every account we have manually. Since most of us, if not all, save their login passwords in their browser in order to remember it next time and to be able to login faster, this feature would really help a lot.
  • On Android:
The experience was actually pretty good. The app itself is designed well and is simple to use. Whenever you open a login page, the auto fill pop-up will help you instantly key in your credentials easily and smoothly. However, sometimes I noticed a certain lag or the popup window freezing This happened few times but it wasn't a big issue and I could easily go back and redo the process and it worked fine. Hopefully these small issues will be dealt with in future updates.
I've tried many password managers and I stopped using them soon after because the app was either complicated to use, sometimes it didn't work or it wasn't free.
So when I was contacted by the really nice Zoho Vault marketing guy, Chandramouli Dorai, telling me that Zoho had a password manager, I was really intrigued for many reasons (I have been playing around with Zoho Notebook which is really interesting and I'm still waiting a bit to write a review on it. Also I've used Zoho Docs for so long back in middle school, so I'm familiar with Zoho very well).
I am actually pleased with the way Zoho Vault works. It has all the essential features for personal and corporate use. Yes, it stores your passwords online, but the second time you use it, it asks you to enable two-factor authentication which will add in a second code required to sign in and which will be sent via SMS, an app or a phone call. Storing passwords online means that they're stored with Zoho, which may concern some with all the privacy concerns talk on the internet. However, Zoho encrypts the passwords, which makes them virtually impossible to access for anyone who doesn't have access to your Chambers. Not to mention that the passphrase which is required to access your account is not stored anywhere on Zoho's servers therefore the access to your account is impossible. The Zoho company itself has been around since 1996 and has a history of making online collaboration tools and other enterprise apps like I mentioned before. That plus the multiple layers of security in Zoho Vault should chase away any concerns people might have.
With all of this being said, I'll keep using it and see how it goes and I'll keep this post updated :).
I should also thank the Zoho Vault team for letting me know about this service and for being patient with me while I wrote this review. I should note that this is an honest and truthful review, I'm not sponsored in anyway.
Let me know in the comments below or via Twitter what password manager you use? Or if you've tried Zoho Vault, what did you think of it?

Get to know me: 30 facts about me

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It’s so nice to be back and writing again, it has been a long time, sorry for keeping you waiting this long and thank you for your undying patience and loyalty:), it’s an honor to have such a great family online❤.
So, to kick off the blogging season on my blog, I thought I’d start with something light and fun to read. This way you, my readers, will get to know me better other than the geeky Randa, and at the same time this is a way to re-open the blog:).

Let’s go!

    1. I had my first technology experience back when I was 8 years old. We had one of those big white desktop PCs that came with Windows NT (and the floppy disk to reinstall the OS in case of a problem) + a slow yet very satisfactory Internet connection via phone (dial-up). Good old times *^*.
    2. I cherish milk. Milk is the only drink/food I’d die without having every day at least twice.
    3. My favorite colors are: Black, crimson red, brown, purple, pastels and hot pink.
    4. I dislike chocolate except for dark chocolate. My favorite is ‘’Cote d’Or” ’s black chocolate, it’s by far the best one I’ve tasted.
    5. I can go a whole week without drinking water. I just don’t remember to drink it and I’m not thirsty very often.
    6. I am a picky eater but I don’t say a thing if something I don’t like is served to me, I just don’t eat it quietly.
    7. I’m fascinated with Asian culture especially Korean and Japanese.
    8. Speaking of which, I can fluently read Korean, can speak basic sentences and I’m still working on writing (self learning).
    9. I am obsessed with Korean music (BIGBANG, 2NE1, Jessica, Brown Eyed Girls, MAMAMOO, T-Ara, BEAST, 2PM…etc) and dramas (My Love From Another Star, She Was Pretty, Oh My Ghostess, Lucky Romance, Doctor Stranger…etc).
    10. For the last two years I’ve started getting into anime and manga, although I’m still a newbie at those.
    11. I could eat meat & pasta forever if I could.
    12. I hate eating fresh vegetables except for carrots and salads that have a strong taste of vinegar.
    13. Speaking of carrots, my favorite juice is made of carrots, lemons and oranges. It tastes so good.
    14. My favorite fruit is bananas. Hence the nickname: slim monkey.
    15. I used to love dentists and always wanted to be one, but then I had an awful experience with a bad dentist on my senior year of high school and now I have a serious dentist/dental phobia to the point that when I see someone with their tooth hurting them or a dentist in general, my whole mouth feels like it’s breaking apart.
    16. I adore horror movies to the point of obsession. My latest favorites are: The Conjuring (1 & 2 although I’m still waiting for the second one to come out on DVD/Blu-ray), The Boy and Unfriended. I definitely recommend checking them out.
    17. I watched Supernatural, its 10 seasons, in under a month last year. Because I wanted to refresh my memory of the earlier episodes and be ready for season 11, which was much better than 10😀❤ .
    18. I can’t study/work without music blaring through my ears. And I don’t mean instrumental music, but normal with lyrics music.
    19. I’m a Ubuntu (and a shell) freak. I love it. Although I can’t use it for now, I’m planning to find a way to integrate it better with all my requirements.
    20. For some reason, I can’t realize when someone is telling me in an indirect way that they like me. I kind of get it later on (maybe a year or two later if I get reminded or if it’s pointed out by one of my friends…) or I don’t get it at all. It’s probably because I like things straight forward, I don’t like going around what’s wanted to be said.
    21. Speaking of which, I’m brutally honest. Sometimes even too honest and I realize that this can be intimidating or even offensive for others but the thing is, I don’t mean harm by it at all. I just like things to be clear and simple so there’s no grey area left and we’re all on the same page. And as someone’s friend, I take it as my duty to keep my friend’s head clear and in the right direction, even if that means me telling them what they don’t want to hear.
    22. When I’m really bored or very stressed, I turn off the light, close my bedroom door and lay still in my bed looking at the ceiling. I can stay like that for hours until my mind is clear and I’m energized again.
    23. I’m not a candy person, but I can’t say no to: gummy bears, Maltesers and Smarties.
    24. My favorite smells (and sounds in some cases) are: the sea (especially at night), the rain when it hits the earth, certain types of flowers and the smell of clean things.
    25. I take what I do very seriously, whether it’s school work or just what I love to do. I don’t give up easily, especially if it’s something I’ve worked for so hard and people keep mocking me for it. I tend to overanalyze and think of every single possibility and consequence when faced with important decisions.
    26. Something which might not be obvious to most people even my friends, I’m quite an affectionate person for someone who hates romantic books, TV shows and movies. I just don’t show it openly and I don’t think I’ve ever shown it to anyone 100% except for my own family. I think showing affection has a right time and place along with the right person and in the right way. Not necessarily words. They say that the best showing of love and affection comes in actions and not in words, and I say it’s 100% true, so pay attention to those around you, they might not say much, but you might mean the world to them. In my whole life I’ve watched one romantic and heartbreaking movie that actually made me cry and I’ve never seen it again after (on purpose): A Walk to Remember.❤
    27. If you’ve come this far, you probably realize by now: I’m a philosopher. I really like philosophy, it’s vague and has many doors of questions to be opened and questioned. I think it keeps your mind open and its gears working. My favorite philosopher is: Descartes❤ . He did his best of work in two of my all time favorite domains: philosophy and mathematics.
    28. And yes, I adore mathematics, chemistry, biology and philosophy. A weird combination I know and yet somehow you could always find an interconnection between all of them.
    29. I am a bookworm. I think some of you already know that even if you’ve been following me for a little while. But for you who didn’t know, I’m obsessed with books, although I’ve been in a reading slump for a little over 2 years now😥 . Still working on fixing that.
    30. I’m the craziest and the wildest person you can ever meet and at the same time I’m the shiest most introvert person ever. One of the craziest combinations that even my friends can’t understand. Despite being 24/7 serious and I don’t talk a lot and I keep my distance and a very clear and thick line between me and others, if I feel confortable enough around someone and I feel I’m truly welcomed, I become the opposite, still always respectful, serious when needed but also funny, crazy and very talkative too.
    That’s it!! If you actually did read everything up to here, thank you. I salute you for your patience and for your commitment to read this even though I might have just wasted a very big portion of your time.

    Thank you~<3

    Coming soon on the blog: my all time favorite five apps on Android!