February/March favorites: Journaling, quotes and books!

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Hello guys!
This favorites blog post will be the combination of the last two months' (this month's favorites will be coming soon), since I didn't have time to really do anything besides getting better (anxiety+ulcer are not a good combination...) and trying to make some advancements with my thesis (which is a serious stress source for me).
This time, we'll have a bit of a change with books, some nice music, quotes and musicals!I want to say thank you, to everyone who commented on the last post, those who sent me private DMs on Instagram/Twitter (they were quite a few to my surprise!) and for the retweets and shares. Your positive and amazing feedback was such a big help for me to continue to do what I love and what I've always loved doing all along 😃 .
Keep the suggestions coming! 😊

And now, let's get right into it:
  1. Journey (category: app): I've always kept a diary, especially after I learned English. My favorite language ever + my love for writing and expressing myself, pushed me to start writing at a young age. I've always kept a little notebook with me, to use as a journal whenever I've felt the need to do so. And now, I have my journal with me, as long as I have my phone (which is pretty much 24/7 😊). The app is simple to use, has a very simple and elegant design. It syncs with Google Drive and is free to use. There's a pro/paid option which unlocks more features. But you can do all the basics with the free one. I have been using it for a little over 2 years now ☺.
  2. This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith (category: books (YA contemporary)):
    I'm still reading this book, with my crowded schedule for university and my reading slump which I'm trying to overcome, I couldn't finish it sooner.
    Jennifer's books are so lighthearted, simple and so fun to read. They have amazing stories and are mostly realistic. This book is no exception. In short, this book is about two teens (a guy and a girl) who accidentally meet online via email. The guy makes a mistake in the email address and it goes to the girl, who responds, and they start talking and they become friends. Despite the guy being a teen movie star and her being an average normal girl, the story is very realistic and it depicts real struggles. It's well written and I can't wait to finish it.
    Maybe I'll even review it on my book blog, who knows 😉.
  3. ePrestigio Reader (category: app):
    This is a free e-book reading app. It supports ePub, Mobi, PDF and much more. I've been using it for the past year and a half and I love it.
    What I love most about it, is the ability to open e-books directly from Onedrive or Google Drive without having to have the e-book on your phone's memory (If you choose to open an e-book from Onedrive, for example, it'll download it so you can read it easily and have all the functions, and once you're done with it, you can delete it and it'll still be on Onedrive).
    It has other functionalities, like themes for the app, themes for reading, a small e-book store and the ability to sync your progress via an account.
  4. Manga Rock (category: app):
    This is one of my all time apps. It is a free manga reading app with so many resources. You make an account in 2 minutes and then you're set to go, your downloads, favorites and reading progress will all be synced. You can of course use it as a guest (without signing up). The app is well designed and is constantly updated with new bug fixes and new content. I definitely recommend it if you're a manga reader/fan 😊.
  5. Whispers of The Heart (category: anime movie (Studio Ghibli)):
    Studio Ghibli makes some of the best animation movies I've ever seen. Amazing lessons and beautifully written and told stories. This movie is no exception. This is not the first movie I've seen (I'm watching them in order of their release dates), but it is the one I watched this past month.
    The story is about a middle school girl, who loves reading books so much and an aspiring writer. In a family that doesn't ever tell her what she should do with her time, or talk to her about her future, she struggles to find who she is and what she truly wants to do with her life.
    This is an amazing and realistic story that so many of us can relate to. One of my all time favorite movies for sure 💜.
  6. Bonus: Quote:
    Being the best is great, you're the number one. Being unique is greater, you're the only one.
That's it for the past two months! I hope you found something for you in here, maybe a new useful app, a movie to watch or even just some positivity to brighten up your day 😃.
Let me know if you have any favorites recently and/or if you have any suggestions.
See you soon for this month's favorites 😉.
Stay safe and always be humble, sweets~

January favorites: Crime, Love and Languages!

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Hello sweets!

So in this blog post I'll be talking about 5 of my favorites this month, some bonus items might be included 😉 . I plan for this to be a new series on the blog, so each month or so I'll try to do the same. I'm going to see how it works out and whether this is going to be a monthly thing or not.

So for this month, here are my absolute favorites:
  1. Him & I by G-Eazy Feat. Halsey (category: music)
    My current obsession. I can't go a day without listening to it or at the very least sing it while working.
    It has a big place in my heart. A sincere lyrics, amazing music and a genuine #CoupleGoals couple. I loved Halsey's voice the moment I heard her voice on The Chainsmokers' "Closer", and G-Eazy's when I listened to "You Don't Own Me" featuring Grace. Imagine my absolute delight when I realized they are actually a couple, a dream come true 💜 .
  2. Stranger Things (category: TV Shows)
    A new discovery for me. I discovered it through Twitter, and decided to give a try. This is genuinely one of my favorite shows now. It made me fall back in love with old times and especially old music and the simplicity of life. The sci-fi aspect to it is seriously impressive. I can't wait for season three 😍.
  3. LingoDeer (category: Android/iPhone apps)
    My latest favorite language learning app. I discovered through one of my favorite Japanese vloggers (Sharmander) and I've been using it ever since. This app helps you learn Korean, Japanese and Chinese. Amazing and simple UI, very intuitive and very helpful. It is split into many categories and has voice training as well as many other functionalities. Very useful if you're trying to learn any if the above languages or you want to brush up on them a bit.
  4. Forest rain (category: Calm melodies)
    Whenever I'm feeling an anxiety attack, feel depressed, have stress or just have insomnia, I search for forest rain sounds on YouTube or use a dedicated app (Rain Sounds or Calm). Rain is my absolute favorite thing ever.
  5. Bonnie and Clyde (category: Movies)
    This has been on my to watch list for as long as I can remember. I don't watch old movies, I never did. I know their story but from a completely different point of view. I heard songs written about them and read books based off of them. It was about time that I watch the movie. I was so excited for it and didn't know what to expect at all. I love crime movies, I don't like romance at all and I don't know a thing about the actual story. I was hooked and had goosebumps, not joking, within the first 30 minutes. I loved it, it was so meaningful, to me at least and a great experience to watch an old, well made movie. I'm not a big fan of a little detail but that was fine and it was easy to get over it. One hell of a story and an amazing movie.
  6. Bonus entry: Star Music Tag Editor (category: Android apps)
    If you're a music lover and you often receive music files from your friends with wrong or corrupted metadata, then this app is for you. This app is a music life saver, sometimes I get music online but it comes with wrong or corrupted music info, and being the OCD person I am, I can't have it show up in my music library with no proper title/album title/singer…etc. So, I use this app to edit the info on the go. It's so simple to use and to update the info of any song/album. Very useful.
That's it for this month! I hope you enjoyed this little blog post, I'm considering, in the upcoming months, to add maybe screenshots or/and images of the things in the list. I'm still experimenting with this, I want it to have my own signature and vibe and energy.

Please let me know in the comments, or via Twitter or Instagram, what you think, and how I might make this better, or any suggestions for the content you want to see (this series or for future posts). I have few blog ideas, one of which might be up on the blog before the end of February.

Thank you for reading as always and for the continuous support and suggestions 😊!

Happy New Year! And now what?…

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Happy New Year!
Happy new year my lovely readers! 😀

I hope you had a great 2017, and even if it was bad, I’m sure you still can find good in it, lessons you learned that helped you grow up. In everything bad that happens, there’s definitely something good to come out of it, even if we don’t see it right away. So stay positive!

Instead of publishing the review of the Gear VR (which was highly requested, and is delayed because I found out I didn’t try everything and I wasn’t happy about the article), or my TOP 5 Apps to use (which is also mostly ready), I thought it’d be better to start off 2018 looking at what I learned from 2017, and my plans (the ones I can actually think of right now) for 2018.

So during 2017, I mostly learned so much about myself, I grew up (and still always am), and about what I really want to do. This year is my last year in college, I’ll be getting my Master’s degree in software engineering. But then what? I’ve been really thinking about it.

You see, I knew that I loved technology when I was in primary school, and I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I grew up doing what I love most, but then college happened. There’s nothing I regret more than choosing to study what I love, in college, that should’ve never happened. By the early 2017, I realized, I no longer love it, if anything they made it worse for me, it wasn’t what I thought and I’d rather if I studied it by myself instead of ruining it. So now, I no longer want to work in a technology related field, not anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still deep down love it and it is my life, but the passion is gone. To me, it was my special thing, my hobby, my passion, my everything. So after college, I need to search for that feeling again, but not while working in this field.

All these thoughts made my anxiety get much worse and it got the best of me. What the hell am I going to do now? I didn’t have plan B!

So now, I’m trying to focus on this year of college first, plan for the doctorate, if I can. And then have plan B and C.

This was the hardest thing to learn in 2017, for me. It is hard to face facts.

With this being said, this year is going to be different, I’m going to do WHAT I LOVE, no pressure whatsoever. This means blog, even if it is after midnight. Feel free to not sleep at all if it means me finishing a book or a manga or a webtoon. Enjoy the little things never mind how small they are. Exercise more, take care of myself first, for one. Try to better myself and be the best version of me and learn more about different topics. Cut all the negativity away, toxic people and so called friendships included. If they don’t love you, support you for who you are, there’s no point, no body is perfect, but we complete in a way each other. Be who I am for real, for instance I adore both black and pastels colors, best of both worlds. No need to fit in one mold, I need to create my own.

This is not an easy thing to do. To admit it to yourself is not easy. But when it is the right thing to do, it is doable.

Hence this blog post, it is like a reminder and a promise, to myself first and to you, that things are changing around here. In the sense that you’ll be seeing more blog posts, in different topics that interest me (everything technology related, TV Shows, movies, music, books, my thoughts like this blog post,…etc), which is still going to be most likely geeky nerdy stuff, since that’s who I am after all. I might start posting my writing too, that’s a thought I’m still pondering and I might test it on Tumblr first.

Please bare with me in this journey, while I grow up even more and mature! This is going to be an interesting ride 😊 .

Happy 2018 and may the road ahead of us be filled with amazing experiences and full of growth and happy moments!

See you sooner than you think 😉,