Randa’s E-book Haul: n°16: Nine (9) months worth of books.

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This is an e-book haul where I share books I bought, got from the library, were gifted to me or received for review and any other book related goodies I get in the mail.

This haul is mainly dedicated to e-books only because that’s what I read! But who knows, maybe someday I’ll get a printed book! ;).

It’s just an opportunity to share what books I got throughout the week. The covers are linked to Goodreads.

Hello everyone!
Don’t worry, I’m not dead or anything, if anything I just got a better internet connection!! :D.

So, there has been almost 8 months since you last saw me (or technically heard from me or read by me…okay you got it), and I was preparing each month what new books I got, but then the unexpected happened! The website I save my e-books on IbisReader closed down without previous notifications and so I lost all of my e-books, old and new :’(.

Thankfully, on the same month, Google announced that now we can save up to 1000 e-books on Google Play Books which is (or not) enough :).

So now, to all the new books I got since October and which I could remember and save.

E-books I got:

DieForHer1-677x1024UKIfIShouldDieblog400000000000000993427_s4TheStrain-paperbackGuillermo-del-Toro-a-Chuck-Hogan-The-Fall81sKOcwMK6L._SL1500_angels-and-demonsdavinciThe LOST SYMBOL A-PB packshot - UKinferno-665x10249780593055076digital-fortress-dan-brownkress fridayMadness UnderneathPerfectScoundrelsFINALTC-largeshThe Essence by Kimberly DertingThis-Is-What-Happy-Looks-Like-Jennifer-E-Smith-Book-CoverAlis-Pretty-Little-Lies-Book-Cover61137_506031379415589_1682141951_n135150250068978159990748235190PicAnd_Then_There_Were_None-pb-cPushing the Limits by Katie McGarrycrossing

Books I got:


- Journal d’un Vampire: Tome 6 (The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters #1: Phantom) by L. J. Smith.

- Dracula & Dracula’s Guest and other stories by Bram Stoker.

- The Scarlet Letter by Nathanial Hawthorne.

- Le Mirroir se brisa (The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side) by Agatha Christie.

- Not Exactly Ghosts by Andrew Caldecott.

E-books I got for review:

6860531Dare You To by Katie McGarry17852056

Thank you to Bella Forrest and Harlequin (UK) Limited so much <3.


I think that’s everything…Thinking smile

I’ll update the post in case I forgot a book, but that’s all!

For the review books, I’m so late to read them but I started. I kind of find it hard to stay in one place and read nowadays but I’m making progress!!
Starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting mini reviews on all the books I read since I was missing in school. So stay tuned ;).



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