Graphic novel review: Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill.

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 Title: Welcome To Lovecraft.

 Author: Joe Hill: website, Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads. & Gabriel Rodríguez (Illustrator): Goodreads.

 Series: Locke & Key #1.

 Publisher: IDW Publishing.

 Publication date: March 14th, 2012.

 Source: Bought.

 Format: e-Comic.

 Date read: November 6th, 2013.

 Rating: 5/5 stars! – favorite.

 Get the e-book/book from: Amazon, B&N, The Book Depository or Kobo.

Acclaimed suspense novelist and New York Times best-selling author Joe Hill (Heart-Shaped Box) creates an all-new story of dark fantasy and wonder: Locke & Key .

Written by Hill and featuring artwork from Gabriel Rodriguez, Locke & Key tells of Keyhouse, an unlikely New England mansion, with fantastic doors that transform all who dare to walk through them... and home to a hate-filled and relentless creature that will not rest until it forces open the most terrible door of them all...

From: Goodreads.


I love this cover. You can’t know what the story is by looking at it but you can guess it’s terrifying.



This is the first time I review a graphic novel on my blog and the first time I read and finish one (Not counting the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer series, there are just too many that I can’t keep up with them –_-).


The story is about the Locke family who move into their family’s house called Keyhouse, after a tragedy in the family, hoping to forget about the past and move on. Little they know, everything is connected.

The house is full of doors which are locked with special keys.


The story is full of gore, bloody scenes and sadness. But most importantly there are unanswered questions, which is why there are other 5 volumes in the series :).


I can’t say anything anymore because I’ll spoil the graphic novel for you.


What I loved:

- We get inside the story from the first page, no preface.

- The intrigue.

- I adore the gore, the bloody scenes and the fact that the artist isn’t afraid to draw them in details.

- The drawings are amazing and the characters are well drawn with details on their faces and surroundings.

- The plot is very clear and straightforward and you get the feeling that everything is where it’s supposed to be.

- I love the characters, especially the two brothers and sister, each with their own personality.

- The story is full of suspense. You keep guessing who did what and what’s going to happen next, but it’s hard to be right.


What I disliked:

- Nothing!



The Locke's: Composed of the Mother, Nina and the Two brothers Brode and Tyler and the middle sister Kinsey, also there is the deceased father. These are the main characters, but mostly we’re following Brode, the younger brother, who in order to deal with the family tragedy finds magical things and gets involved in unwanted “business”.

There is also The uncle, who takes care of them.

And Sam, the main protagonist.

There is another important character but I can’t tell you who they are or I’ll spoil the book.



This was an awesome discovery and a great way to get into reading again especially since I don’t have time to read and/or I’m just not in the mood…

It’s a light and fast read and very entertaining.

If you like horror books and you don’t get bothered by horrific and bloody pictures, then you definitely have to get this one.


Let me know if you’ve read this graphic novel and what you thought of it, also, let me know how I did on this review, since this is the first time I review a graphic novel, I’m not very familiar with how exactly I should do it.


Happy reading!



Randa’s E-book Haul: n°22: Classics and favorite genres.

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This is an e-book haul where I share books I bought, got from the library, were gifted to me or received for review and any other book related goodies I get in the mail.

This haul is mainly dedicated to e-books only because that’s what I read! But who knows, maybe someday I’ll get a printed book! ;).

It’s just an opportunity to share what books I got throughout the week. The covers (titles) are linked to Goodreads.

Hey guys!

I should state that I’m sorry for the long pause in my blogging, but since I started college it had been almost impossible for me to do anything besides sleeping and studying. I guess it’s just a matter of time until I get used to the new environment and the changes that come with it :).


Anyways, even though I’ve been away for two months now, I haven’t gotten many books, because I want to focus on the books I already own and finish them first before getting anymore.

But, I did get some anyways so here’s the list of e-books and physical books I got for the past two months:


- Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden.


So, this is it! From now on, I think I’ll be creating lists just like this one and not use covers anymore because as much as it’s nice to look at the covers, it takes time to download them and then put them and then link them and wait for them to upload. I’d rather use links and text from now on since I have no time to do all of the precedent :).


I hope I’ll see you soon and happy reading!


Waiting on Wednesday (13): Geek Girl by Holly Smale.

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Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. It showcases upcoming releases that we can’t wait to get our hands on.






 Title: Model Misfit.

 Author: Holly Smale: website, blog, Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads.

 Series: Geek Girl #2.

 Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books.

 Expected publication date: September 26th, 2013.

 Pre-order the e-book/book from: Amazon, B&N, The Book Depository or Kobo.

“My name is Harriet Manners, and I am still a geek.”
Harriet knows that modeling won’t transform you. She knows that being as uniquely odd as a polar bear isn’t necessarily a bad thing (even in a rainforest). And that the average person eats a ton of food a year, though her pregnant stepmother is doing her best to beat this.

What Harriet doesn’t know is where she’s going to fit in once the new baby arrives.

With summer plans ruined, modeling in Japan seems the perfect chance to get as far away from home as possible. But nothing can prepare Harriet for the craziness of Tokyo, her competitive model flat mates and her errant grandmother’s ‘chaperoning’. Or seeing gorgeous Nick everywhere she goes.

Because, this time, Harriet knows what a broken heart feels like.

Can geek girl find her place on the other side of the world or is Harriet lost for good?

From: Goodreads.

Isn’t the cover just beautiful and geeky and crazy? I love it!


I just bought the first book in the series, Geek Girl, and I’m hoping to read it soon. And so, I find out that there’s going to be a sequel, yay!


The synopsis is really good and I love geeky books, since I’m a geek myself ;).


Have you read the first book? If yes, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments bellow or via Twitter or Facebook :).



Waiting on Wednesday (12): Deadly by Sara Shepard.

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Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. It showcases upcoming releases that we can’t wait to get our hands on.






Title: Deadly.

Author: Sara Shepard: website, blog, Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads.

Series: Pretty Little Liars #14.

Publisher: HarperTeen.

Expected publication date: December 3rd, 2013.

Pre-order the e-book/book from: Amazon, B&N, The Book Depository or Kobo.

Deadly, the fourteenth volume in Sara Shepard's YA Pretty Little Liars series, delivers more juicy scandals, dark secrets, and shocking plot twists. This #1 New York Times bestselling series is also a hit ABC Family original TV show.
High school seniors Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer have all done horrible things—things that would put them behind bars if anyone ever found out. And their stalker "A" knows everything.
So far A has kept their secrets, using them to torture the girls. But now A's changed the game. Suddenly the girls are hauled in for questioning, and all their worlds begin to unravel. If A's plan succeeds, Rosewood's pretty little liars will be locked away for good. . . .

From: Goodreads.

My blog is becoming completely centered about Pretty Little Liars! :D. But I’m not complaining, I love these books.


This was supposed to be the last book in the series as it was written in the first description, but it looks like it won’t be the last! I’ve read on the Pretty Little Liars’ Wiki that Sara is ready to write three more books before she’s done with it. I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel about this yet, I mean up to Ruthless, then tenth novel, it’s really good and I’m not bored yet.


I’m really anticipating this one and I love the cover :), I just wish they did a cover featuring the whole gang and not just one of them.


There’s not much time left! Who else is excited about it?



Review: A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest.

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 Title: A Shade of Vampire.

 Author: Bella Forrest: website, blog, Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads.

 Series: A Shade of Vampire #1.

 Publisher: /.

 Publication date: December 14th, 2012.

 Source: From the author.

 Format: e-book.

 Date read: September 6th, 2013.

 Rating: 4.5/5 stars (5/5 stars on Goodreads) – Favorite.

Get the e-book/book/audiobook from: Amazon, Audible, B&N, The Book Depository or Kobo.

On the evening of Sofia Claremont's seventeenth birthday, she is sucked into a nightmare from which she cannot wake.
A quiet evening walk along a beach brings her face to face with a dangerous pale creature that craves much more than her blood.
She is kidnapped to an island where the sun is eternally forbidden to shine.
An island uncharted by any map and ruled by the most powerful vampire coven on the planet. She wakes here as a slave, a captive in chains.
Sofia's life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn when she is the one selected out of hundreds of girls to join the harem of Derek Novak, the dark royal Prince.
Despite his addiction to power and obsessive thirst for her blood, Sofia soon realizes that the safest place on the island is within his quarters, and she must do all within her power to win him over if she is to survive even one more night.
Will she succeed? ...or is she destined to the same fate that all other girls have met at the hands of the Novaks?

From: Goodreads.

I'm a huge fan of this cover. It's so beautiful.

I didn't think I would like this book at first because of its somewhat slow and familiar start. But things got better as I got more into knowing the characters and the story.
This is a story of a human and an ancient very powerful vampire who fall in love with each other. And yet it is no ordinary story.
At first, we're with the main protagonist, Sofia and her best friend Ben on her seventeenth birthday. They're talking and enjoying the view of the sea when Sofia gets kidnapped by this mysterious good looking guy.
Later on, she's in a strange place with her kidnapper. She knows that she's with vampires and that they're planning something big.
At the same time we're switched to the point of view to the main guy protagonist Derek as he wakes up from a long slumber.
As the story goes on, we get to see what these two characters are going through and how their affection is growing.
This story is full of ups and downs but the way the characters deal with them is great.
The end is speechless. How am I supposed to not know what happens next? I warn you, this book ends with a cliffhanger.
What I loved:

  • - The writing style is simple and intriguing. It combines the modern style and the classical one. I'm a big fan.
  • - The plot is not something new but it is different and has its charm. I can say it had a mix of two of my favorite fictional worlds (vampires with a hidden coven society). I liked it.
  • - The characters: especially Derek's and Sofia's. They're the opposite of each other and yet there great together. Derek is a vicious powerful predator and she's a strong, intelligent and brave young woman.
  • - The progression of the story.
  • - There's suspense in almost every chapter that begs you to read the next one.
  • - The story itself is short and yet full of events.
  • - The story is told from the point of view of main two protagonists. And since they’re different in character, it is really fun to know how each of them reacted to the other.
  • - Sofia's sarcastic character.
  • - The ending! Unlike other stories I can’t predict Sofia’s choice. This could go either way.

What I disliked:

  • - It had a somewhat slow start.
  • - A lot of sexual tension! Don’t worry there aren’t any explicit scenes.
  • - I wish the side characters were more present, mostly Vivian. We don't get to see much of her in the book and we're left without knowing anything about her until the epilogue, in which I was desperate to know more about her.

The characters:

  • Derek Novak: A very powerful, ancient value prince. He's been known for his great work both against and for vampires. He wakes up from a long slumber and shows affection, love and attraction to one of his human slaves. I ended up living him, he's really nice, different and yet he shows loyalty, protectiveness and respect to his kind.
  • Sofia Claremont: A young girl with no family and one best friend. Her life changes when she's suddenly abducted into slavery in a vampire coven. Her life is always in danger because of a constant threat and yet she might've just found home.
  • Vivian Novak: Derek's sister. She's a lady. Gentle, caring, and loves her brother. She's smart, hard working and has a gift.
  • Lucas Novak: Derek's older brother. By my own conclusion, I think he's the main antagonist in this book. He's good looking and yet he's disrespectful, inappropriate and doesn't care much about family. For someone who usually sides with bad guys, I hate his guts!
  • Ben Hudson: Sofia's best friend. He's described by Sofia to be trustworthy, smart and logical. I seriously don't like him that much.
Other characters worth mentioning: Derek's father, of whom we know nothing. Claudia, a very beautiful and old vampire who has an affection for Derek and a grudge against Sofia and her friend Ben.

Favorite quotes:

Of course. How dare she interrupt your dinner. Happy birthday, Sofia. You just happen to be the birthday feast. --- Chapter 3: Sofia.

Glowing atop the giant redwoods were networks of tree houses. Although from what I could see from the ground, to merely call them tree houses, would be a grave injustice.

They were modern, high-end villas connected from one tree to another by glass-covered walkways and hanging bridges. How it was possible for them to build those things up there was beyond my comprehension, but there they were – luxurious villas built on trees. The very thought of going up there began triggering my non-existent fear of heights. --- Chapter 9: Sofia.

“From the moment I got here, all I’ve wanted to do was escape and go back home, but Derek…”

she leant toward me and placed a gentle kiss over my cheek “…you’ve begun to feel like home.” --- Chapter 22: Derek.


First, I have to thank Bella Forrest so much for accepting my request to send me this e-book, thanks to her I was introduced to a new and exciting world, thank you so much!


In case you had no idea, I am a huge vampire books fan so trust me when I say: If you think this is your ordinary vampire book, then you’re wrong. Yes, some things might seem familiar but there’s nothing ordinary about this book. It’s not just about a young girl who love a hot vampire. It’s about more than this, and we don’t even get to the half of it in this book.


If you want a quick, yet suspenseful and romantic read (and sometimes it’s even funny!), go ahead and read it, you won’t be disappointed.


I already got the rest of the series and can’t wait to continue with it, I just hope the story isn’t being dragged. It’ll be sometime before I continue with it though, I’m known for jumping into long series and then getting bored because I’m in the same story for too long (Ahem, Pretty Little Liars!)…


Anyways, this is definitely in my favorite vampire books collection :D.





Waiting on Wednesday (11): This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales.

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Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. It showcases upcoming releases that we can’t wait to get our hands on.






 Title: This Song Will Save Your Life.

 Author: Leila Sales: website, blog, Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads.

 Series: /.

 Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR).

 Expected publication date: September 17th, 2013.

 Pre-order the e-book/book from: Amazon, B&N, The Book Depository or Kobo.

Making friends has never been Elise Dembowski’s strong suit. All throughout her life, she’s been the butt of every joke and the outsider in every conversation. When a final attempt at popularity fails, Elise nearly gives up. Then she stumbles upon a warehouse party where she meets Vicky, a girl in a band who accepts her; Char, a cute, yet mysterious disc jockey; Pippa, a carefree spirit from England; and most importantly, a love for DJing.

Told in a refreshingly genuine and laugh-out-loud funny voice, Leila Sales' THIS SONG WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE is an exuberant novel about identity, friendship, and the power of music to bring people together.

From: Goodreads.

I learned about this book from Goodreads, since it always recommends great books to me.
From reading the synopsis I was hooked, not to mention the really cool cover.

I can’t wait for this book to be out, I think it’ll be a fun and quick contemporary read :).


Review: Pretty Little Secrets by Sara Shepard.

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 Title: Pretty Little Secrets.

 Author: Sara Shepard: website, blog, Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads.

 Series: Pretty Little Liars #4.5.

 Publisher: HarperTeen.

 Publication date: January 3rd, 2012.

 Source: Bought.

 Format: e-book.

 Date read: August 14th, 2013.

 Rating: 4/5 stars.

 Get the e-book/book/audiobook from: Amazon, audible, B&N, The Book Depository or Kobo.

Rewind to junior year in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, to a winter break no one has ever heard about. . . .

Fat snowflakes fall onto manicured lawns, quilted stockings hang over marble fireplaces, and everyone is at peace, especially Hanna, Emily, Aria, and Spencer. Now that Alison’s murderer is in jail and A is dead, they can finally relax. Little do they know there’s a new A in town. . . .

Rule number one of being an effective stalker: Get to know your prey. So I watch these liars day and night, keeping an eye on the trouble they get into, the messes they make, and the secrets they keep. Hanna’s desperate for a very personal session with her gym trainer. Emily is number one on Santa’s naughty list. Aria’s old flame from Iceland is about to land her in hot water. And Spencer’s resorting to some backhanded tactics to get what she wants.

What happens on holiday break stays on holiday break—right? But guess what. I saw. And now I’m telling.

Taking place between Unbelievable and Wicked, Pretty Little Secrets is a very special Pretty Little Liars tale revealing the liars’ never-before-seen misadventures over their junior-year winter break.

From: Goodreads.

The cover:

This is my favorite cover in the series. I like that the four girls are on one cover :).

The storyline:

It might include minor spoilers for the book itself and not the other books in the series.

Unlike the other books in the series, which have each chapter with a different point of view from each of the girls, in this book we have four parts for the four girls and each part has chapters from that girl’s point of view. It is more organized in a way.
So for this review, I’ll do ratings for each part separately and then I’ll make the big conclusion.

1st: Hanna: 2.5/5 stars:

To me, Hanna’s story was the worst one. I couldn’t sympathize with her or feel sorry for her.

In this book, Hanna’s father, his wife Isabel and her daughter Kate are staying with Hanna' in her house.

And as usual, Hanna struggles to be on good terms with her Dad and with herself. She feels weak, alone and not loved after what Mona did and how her father treats her now that he has a new family including a new daughter. Also Lucas goes on vacation with an old family friend which, to her, make things only worse.

So, she decides to join a fitness club afraid to get chubby again and to get her mind off “A”, and while she’s not sure whether she has to or not, the fitness trainer definitely gets her attention and she decides to join in for him. And that’s when the disasters start.

She suddenly decides that what she wants is a new romance with an older guy and she does everything  to get him, only she’s pushing him away.

All this is happening while she’s still with Lucas, her boyfriend.

You can imagine the end yourself and you might not get it right, that’s why I’m not spoiling the book for you anymore.

2nd: Emily: 5/5 stars!

Emily’s story was the best in the book. It is about friendship, family, loyalty and kindness.

In her part of the book, Emily is still mourning Ali’s death and she’s trying so hard to be brave for herself and her family now that they’re all gathered and trying to make her feel welcomed and loved.

Just in time for Christmas, while everyone is getting ready, things start to disappear getting stolen by a group of girls who call themselves the Merry Elves, and Emily’s mother gets a thing of hers stolen too, so what happens is that she asks for Emily for help (catching the girls in the act).

Emily gets into a lot of different situations with different aspects and begins to question what she’s really doing while trying to please her mom and yet still true to herself.

The end is epic!

3rd: Aria: 3/5 stars:

I usually hate Aria (not Lucy Hale!) the most out of the four girls. She’s too sensitive, too emotional, always trying to find love and most importantly, sometimes she’s just too stupid to endure.

In her story, the family reunion she’s been waiting for for so long is ruined by the coming of Meredith. Yes, she just gets angry and acts with nonsense but I somehow understand her anger. Anyways, she’s back in Rosewood and an old crush from Iceland is there looking for her!
She feels like it’s finally getting better and maybe she’s finally going to be happy again. Until that crush of hers crushes her down along with the law…

The end? Just ok. Could’ve been worse.

4th: Spencer: 4/5 stars:

Spencer’s story was actually intriguing. With the family drama, her being the one who told on Ian and her sister hating her, her life couldn’t get any worse. Well, think again!

The Hastings are staying at Nana’s house for their vacation and Spencer decides she needs to relax and have a relationship (she says: “a ling”) to get her mind off of things. Thinks start to look very promising, the guy notices her then he’s into her, her sister is talking to her and even her mom seems to be noticing her again. Oh well, things are about to flip upside down!
Spencer gets stabbed in the back, betrayed and discovers a really bad and nasty truth. Just when things start to look very bad (even I thought she’s going to get the bad end again), she gets help from the last person she thought would help her ever. And then what an end, the second best one in this book after Emily’s (although it could easily be the opposite ;)).

In general:

What I loved:

- Emily’s character.

- The writing is as always really good.

- The family drama, the relationships and how real they were.

- “A” ‘s point of view at the end of each part. I just love it!

What I hated:

- The girls desperate tries to fall in love.

- How all the girls’ vacations (except for Emily’s) are about finding a guy. I find this completely nonsense.

- There motives, behaviors and decisions were mostly made at an angry moment without giving it second thought.


Favorite quotes:

The four girls continued to glare. Emily was sure they could hear her galloping heart. She was about to apologize again, but then Cassie burst out laughing, lunged forward, and wrapped Emily in a huge hug. Heather circled her arms around Emily, and then Lola and Sophie joined in, too. Emily remained stiff for a few moments, and then tentatively squeezed back. --- Emily’s Pretty Little Secret: Chapter 16: The Whole World was at Peace.

Just after they’d professed their affection for one another, A had exposed their relationship. Ezra had resigned from his teaching position immediately and taken off to Rhode Island. Since he’d been gone, Aria felt like she had PTED—Post-Traumatic Ezra Disorder. She couldn’t stop thinking about him. --- Aria’s Pretty Little Secret: Chapter 1: The More the Merrier at Solstice Time.

Colin took a few steps toward her. “Are you a new member of my cheering section?” Spencer cocked her head. “I don’t really do cheering sections—unless I’m the athlete being cheered on. But maybe I could make an exception.” --- Spencer’s Pretty Little Secret: Chapter 2: Cute Boys Make Everything Better.


One advice first: read this book in its order! After you read Unbelievable. If you don’t read it in the order and leave it for later, you might get confused and things start to get messed up in your mind.

This book was a fun quick read (although I took almost 2 months to get it done thanks to my reading slump…). To me, it wasn’t a necessary read, you can read the rest of the books without it, you’re not missing anything important. It is just nice to know while the new “A” was getting ready, what were the girls doing.



Randa’s E-book Haul: n°21: Lauren Conrad, The Lying Game end and Pulse.

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This is an e-book haul where I share books I bought, got from the library, were gifted to me or received for review and any other book related goodies I get in the mail.

This haul is mainly dedicated to e-books only because that’s what I read! But who knows, maybe someday I’ll get a printed book! ;).

It’s just an opportunity to share what books I got throughout the week. The covers are linked to Goodreads.

Hello guys and girls!
Sorry for being away for too long, I’ve been sick and tired and busy with all the fasting and everything, but I’m hoping things will start moving soon :).


Anyways, here’s my e-book haul for this week.

E-book I got:


That’s it for this week for me, I’ll upload my August TBR (it’s basically my July TBR with more books) soon.


Happy Reading!


Randa’s E-book Haul: n°20: The Secret Circle, sequels and free e-books.

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This is an e-book haul where I share books I bought, got from the library, were gifted to me or received for review and any other book related goodies I get in the mail.

This haul is mainly dedicated to e-books only because that’s what I read! But who knows, maybe someday I’ll get a printed book! ;).

It’s just an opportunity to share what books I got throughout the week. The covers are linked to Goodreads.

Hello and welcome after two weeks of disappearing from the blog!
Sorry, everyone, I was just ill and not feeling good and with all the fasting (we’re in Ramadan), the time passes differently for some reason :).

Anyways, the next e-books you’ll see I had to get either because of the author (The Secret Circle), because I had the first in the series (Masque of the Red Death, Shatter Me) or because I just loved the cover and the synopsis (About A Girl < this is an Adult book if I’m not mistaken).

E-books I got:

1255060312695491110643512521671135023501572590715820137135992917933615About A GirlUnravelMe4av2blue

Free from Amazon Kindle:


So that’s it for this week.

I’ll try and finish my goal for this month (I’ll try!), meanwhile, happy reading everyone :D.


Randa’s E-book Haul: n°19: Serial killers, vampires, angels, a game of thrones, dystopian and The Claddagh ring.

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This is an e-book haul where I share books I bought, got from the library, were gifted to me or received for review and any other book related goodies I get in the mail.

This haul is mainly dedicated to e-books only because that’s what I read! But who knows, maybe someday I’ll get a printed book! ;).

It’s just an opportunity to share what books I got throughout the week. The covers are linked to Goodreads.


Hello everyone!


Sorry for not writing a book haul this past week, I was sick, but that didn’t stop me from getting these new e-books.

This e-book haul is worth two weeks, so don’t judge me by the amount of e-books I got!

First, let me show you the e-books and then I’ll let you know why I got each book (or series) :):

E-books I got:


Second, here’s why I got each of the above:

1- Dexter series: I’m planning to watch the TV show and I tend to read the books before I do so. Besides, they’re about killers and serial killers and death, how can I not want to read it?

2- The Morganville Vampires series: I’m almost out of vampire books, almost, and Goodreads have been recommending this series to me for ages, plus it had good ratings. Besides, aren’t those covers gorgeous?! *_*

3- A Song of Ice and Fire series: yes, yes I know! I’m the last to know about these books! I used to love The Tudors, and the TV show (A Game of Thrones) based on these books sounds somewhat familiar, so I decided to get the books first. I’m really looking forward to these :D.

3- Angelfall: Okay. I hate Angel related books thanks to my really bad experience with the Fallen series, but I read nothing but good reviews on this one and the blurb sounds really nice. So I’ll give this one a shot.

4- The Program: No need to explain! I love dystopian, apocalyptic, sci-fi books, and this one sounds amazing.

5- Jasper Dent #2: Game: I got I Hunt Killers last year when it came out, and I’m really excited about this one. I really need to get started with this series.

6- The Realm of Possibility: I came across this one on Google while researching “The Claddagh” ring (I became obsessed with it since Angel gave it to buffy :’) ). The blurb however is very unique and intriguing.

7- The Fault in Our Stars: Do I really have to justify my choice? I can’t wait to start this one!


That’s it for this week. Phew!


See you the next week! Have a wonderful weekend :).