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I don’t even know how I’m supposed to start this blog post.

I must start, though, by apologizing to all of you guys for not blogging nor updating my blog here. I’ve been planning on doing so for the past months, once my senior year ended, but I guess now I’m stuck in a circle and it would never end…

Anyways, if you want to know the details, click on the more link below, if you don’t, well, still, thank you for reading this far. In the next many paragraphs I’m going to go through everything that’s happened and what’s going to happen according to the previous events, of course mainly in my personal/educational life. But there will be tech related stuff too Smile.

So, thank you for deciding to read on, it means a lot to me Smile.

First things first: On my personal/educational life:

  • I was supposed to be graduating “last” year and going to college this year (next September), but as most of know, if you follow me on Facebook and especially Twitter, I’ve been having a hard time in my High School. You see, where I live and study, if you’re not a native of this area, you don’t get to succeed, because their kids are priority one. And I don’t mean to be egotistical or anything, but I’ve always had great grades. I’ve been raised to always be the best and try my best. They didn’t like that. From the beginning of my senior year, I’ve been getting threats from teachers, this might sound normal to you, there are a lot of teachers who do tell you “you won’t succeed and you’ll stay here forever”, but they weren’t motivating me nor kidding, because that’s not something you tell to the first student in the class or how to treat her. They’ve been calling me names, refusing to let me participate and trying to make me quit, which I almost did. But I didn’t! I fought more and more, and then the time for the BAC (which is our senior exam that must be passed to be able to graduate from High School), and I didn’t panic and I was so happy to finally almost be done with the studies and school in general. Guess what? The teachers who surveyed the exam knew everyone in my class and even helped some of them (one in particular) with their exams, gave them freedom and even let them wander outside the school but more than any of this, as if the previous weren’t enough, they starting taking my own utilities and giving them to my class while I needed them, you might ask why I didn’t do something, but I’ll tell you this, when you’re an outsider, you’re always scared of what might happen because no body cares about you. I didn’t care, I was convincing myself that the important think is that I work hard and do my best. I wouldn’t care less if they helped them or even gave them their graduation, because I was going to succeed on my own anyways and the most important think, as I thought, was that they wouldn’t touch my papers or change them. But guess what? They reached my papers. Yes, everyone. I didn’t pass my senior exam because they gave me marks I wouldn’t get even If I answered while I was sleeping. And like this, all my future went with the wind.
  • You might ask, if you’ve read the previous paragraph, what did I do? How I’m coping with all of this right now? Well, the answer is simple: Nothing and I don’t know. Nothing because I you try to be a smartass with the education department of the government, they’ll suspend you five years from trying to redo the exam. That and also they won’t believe you nor do anything, because they know that superiority rules in this country. I don’t know because I’m still in denial. No body can ever, NEVER, know how it feels like when you’re a great student, with plans for the future, high big hopes and everything gets thrown back in your face. I’m broken and I’ve lost my ability to feel (not like I used to anyways) pain, sadness or anything else. I’m a walking corpse right now. When will it end? Maybe, just maybe, next year if  I pass the exam. Yes, I don’t have self confidence anymore. No, don’t tell me it’s okay, it’s no the end of my life, because I know it’s not, but you wouldn’t understand unless it happened to you, now would you?!
  • How’s my family coping with this? My father can’t be understood. At all. My mom has tears in her eyes all the time. The rest, there are those: who don’t believe me, who think I’m lying, who think that I haven’t worked very well in the first place, who keep making fun of me, who are treating me like I’m suicidal, who are treating me like a baby, who are acting like I’m crazy and nothing happened and of course, who can somewhat be nice about it and respect my feelings and know me for real.
  • I’m excited for one thing though, because this year, I’ll be in a very good and strict (my favorite <3) High school living with very awesome and smart people and in the big city. Where I belong :’).
  • Do I have plans for next year? Honestly, no. I’m tired and too scared to start planning again, but I’ve been developing some ideas with my new bestie Kahina.
  • Did I have a nice vacation? Well, I sure as hell did! Not the best, it would’ve been better if I had my BAC to celebrate and morn. But for the first time in my life I went to Algiers! For those of you who don’t know where it is, Algiers is the capital of my country, Algeria, and it’s like New York. To me at least, it was. Its people were awesome, friendly, polite and really nice. Just my type.
  • Finally, I should thank you all, my best and amazing geek and non geek friends, who kept checking on me and asking about how I was and never thought less of me. Thank you to those amazing people whom I’ve been following and cherishing and whom never spoke to anyone, but broke their habit and contacted me just to tell me I am awesome and I deserve the best and that they’ll be waiting for me next year :’). It meant the world to me and still means a lot to me. I love you everyone, and you guys and girls know who you are! ^.^

         And a special thank you for my amazing uncles, aunts and cousins who were super awesome (unbelievable, hypocrite ones not included in all categories).

Now to the things that kept me alive and somewhat human:

   In technology:

  • I’ve been honored enough to get an early invitation and be one of the first ten people to sign up for Google Plus when it came out earlier last year. I loved it at first and was very amazed by how fast its user base grew. But now, I do like it, but I think it’s missing so many things, no matter how much they try to improve it. Google Plus is mostly full of geek people. And no, I can’t compare it to Facebook, they’re both different, at least in the ways I use them in.
  • I’ve been also one of the first people who got an early invitation to try and use Wunderkit. I played with it for a while but sooner let go of it. It’s not as good as Wunderlist, that’s for sure. It’s missing core options. To the credit of its developers though, they did some updates to it and it has been improved since its lunch, but still, it’s very slow and missing the integration of Wunderlist. Would I recommend you use it? No. Try it out for few days? Yes.
  • So, Windows 8 everybody!!! Open-mouthed smile Yep, I was one of the first beta testers too Nerd smile, lol, and I love it!! It’s fast, clean, beautiful and practical. I’m glad I lived to this day Winking smile. I can’t wait to get my hands on the RTM edition *_*.
  • The new Outlook web e-mail service from Microsoft. I love it too, of course! I love the design since it’s Metro too, the speed and the absence of ads Open-mouthed smile.
  • What else?.. Oh, yeah! The death of Steve Jobs. Really sad. I kept morning his death for a whole month although nobody knew who I was morning. He was the only CEO who actually replied to my e-mails (and I’m not alone). When an Apple V.I.P replies to you, you know you rock! ^_^ He’s my number one idol. I hope you’re resting in peace, Steve.
  • Android is killing the market! I can’t believe this, but again, it’s Google’s OS we’re talking about in here. I do love Android but I think it lacks the visual aspect, but I haven’t seen Jellybean yet.
  • I fixed my screwed up PC so many times I gave up counting already.
  • I used Photoshop again this summer and even used it along with CSS. That’s probably the only thing that kept me from blowing up.
  • And, I started HTML5 but then stopped. I figured, why even bother? No comment on this.

That seems to be all. If I forgot anything, I’ll add it later Winking smile.

   In books and reading:

  • I’m obsessed with books and reading right now. If you check out my book blog, you’ll see a blog post at least once a week. I love how books can both open your eyes on reality and what’s really going on on others’ lives and let your mind wander in a world you dream to be part of. That’s what reading is for.
  • Yes, I read books written in English. I love this language. I’m also trying to read in French, but it’s hard. You see me walking with the book in a hand and a dictionary in the other one >_<”. No one would believe that French is our second spoken language.
  • I’ve leaning a bit of Latin, since some of my favorite books have Latin phrases in them, and I’d love to be able to understand them without the need to search in the book for their meaning.
  • Review books (e-books actually)! I’ve been granted two books to review this month and two in April. I’m very proud of myself! Open-mouthed smile.
  • Awesome authors (who happen to be my favorite ones) have been sending me swag thanks to their generosity. When I tell them I’m from Algeria they become happy and excited ^_^. Weird, because anyone would freak out and ask you to back off.
  • I’m going to read the Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl books in the school year which is something I’m very excited about Open-mouthed smile.


  • I didn’t get my BAC (pass my Senior Year) thanks to whoever wanted me out.
  • I’m dead and I wish Vampires were real (Someone has gone crazy…).
  • I’m starting a new life starting this September.
  • I won’t have any internet access for the whole 9months to come!!! I know!! Disappointed smile.
  • I’m 19 years old now and I’ll be passing my senior year at the age of 20 (if not after…). (Grandma… Sick smile).
  • I miss my dead sister whom I never got the chance to know.
  • I love my bookworm and geeky sides. It’s who I am.
  • I love you guys! You rock!!

Keep rocking and have a wonderful year next year!!

If you want anything, have ideas or requests, opinions or just want to say hi, you can comment here, tweet me or send me a message on Facebook. I love to hear from you Smile.


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hey randa !! I just finished reading your blog !!! well iam so sorry for you dear . yeap !! :p this is the world we are living in , you know OMG . But Don't worry sist inchallah you will succeed this year with high rate ^_^ you just need to believe in your self .. you can do it :D

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