The Liebster Blog Award.

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The Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers and Liebster is a German word which means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome. How sweet is that??

Thank you so much to Chantel @ Little Miss BookWorm for tagging me along :).

The rules:
1. Each person must post 10 facts about themselves
2. Answer 10 questions the tagger has given you and give 10 questions for the people you’ve tagged.
3. Choose 10 people and link them in your post.
4. Tell them you’ve tagged them.
5. Remember, no tag backs.

Ten random facts about me:

1. I was named after my mother’s French friend. Her name was Rinda (the I is pronounced e in French) and to make it make sense in Arabic my mother changed it to Randa because Rand itself in Arabic is a tree which’ leaves are used in cooking and healing and it has a wonderful smell.

2. Arabic is my mother language despite the fact that you might have already noticed that all my social networking and communications are in English. I just love it!

3. I’m finally learning how to speak (not write) Korean!

4. I’m a computer and a Photoshop geek. I’ve been so for almost 7 years now (since I was 12 actually) and I’m still. But reading is my priority for now.

5. I want to study abroad. Probably London, New York, Dubai or Paris.

6. I hate eating and drinking water. I could live on milk and bananas only.

7. I’m totally open minded and peaceful. Saying so, I hate wars and racism based on religion, culture, sexuality and skin color.

8. I’m a super organized person. I plan every step and I organize everything. If I find something not where I left it, I might have a fit.

9. I’m not a TV person at all. I have three or four TV shows that I love and that’s it. My favorite TV shows are: Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, CSI (all of them!), NCIS and Daughters in Law (Korean drama).

10. My favorite season is Winter because I have sweaty hands (even in the cold) so in Winter I can do much more than what I can do in Summer or any other season.


Questions that Chantel has for me:

1) How long have you been blogging?

- I’ve been book blogging for 9 months now. And blogging generally on both of my blogs for almost 4 years now :).

2) Why did you start blogging?

- I started blogging because, I think like all of us, I had thoughts and opinions to share with everyone so we can all discuss them and inform each other. Also, to find people with the same interests as me, because it is rare to find someone with the exact interests as you, and therefore meet new people and have new friends from across the globe :).

3) Favorite book and author?

- This is a hard question and not easy to answer. I have a lot of favorite books and authors. But, my favorite book of all times, that I’d happily read again at any time would be Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott. If I need to get out of my fictional world and get back to reality, I read this one.

- As for my favorite author, I think Jessica Verday tops it all. Although I love Amy Plum, Rachel Vincent, Richelle Mead, Claire Merle, Y.S. Lee, Stephanie Perkins and many more.

4) Have you ever fancied a character from a book?

- Yes, actually. I fancied about Etienne from Anna and The French Kiss, but I fancied about him and Anna together because for some reason I always feel I can’t fancy about a character alone if his in a relationship with another one, I feel like it’s unacceptable. Weird I know.

5) What genres do you like?

- My favorite genres of all times are thriller, horror and mystery. Especially horror. I don’t know why, but scary book make me happy and feel alive!

6) What is your least favorite book?

- My least favorite book so far, and I’m sorry to say, is The Name of The Star by Maureen Johnson. I had big expectations for it and read that some people loved it, but unfortunately I was somewhat disappointed in it.

7) Hardback or Paperback and why?

- Hardback for sure. Although they’re expensive, I’ve always loved how they felt when I held them in my hands. Plus, I think they endure longer than paperbacks.

8) Do you have an inspiration?

- Yes, I do. My N°1 inspiration would be Steve Jobs. He’s an idol!

9) Favorite place to read?

- Definitely my bedroom. I also love to read out in the balcony when the sun is shining or at night and there’s absolutely no one outside.

10) Ever felt like you can relate yourself to a character?

- Yes actually, and it happened lately while I was reading The Glimpse by Claire Merle. Me and the protagonist, Ana, have a lot in common whether personally or concerning our environment.


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If you know any blogs that have less than 200 followers let me know. These are the only ones that I follow and love and have less than 200 followers.

My Questions for them:

1. What was the first book you’ve ever read?

2. What is your favorite book or series and by which author was it? and who is your favorite author?

3. If you could pick one book to take with you to the desert, which one will it be?

4. Do you write books? If yes, what made you start writing?

5. In a book, how do you like the protagonist to be?

6. What are your favorite genres?

7. If you could be inside any book, which book would it be?

8. Which book did you have big expectations for but when you read it you were disappointed?

9. Printed books or e-books? and why?

10. Finally, what are you currently reading? ^_^

Happy tagging and have fun!


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