Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (a.k.a Tube) : Introduction to the reviews

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Hi guys and girls !!!!!!

I misssssseeed you a lot :D I really did XD. I wasn’t able to write anything but simple tweets lately because of school; homeworks, tests, more tests…. etc ;)

As all of you supposed to know that I had my very new cell phone Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (a.k.a Tube) a week ago. Since then, I knew a lot of things about the Tube especially and the Symbian 60 (a.k.a S60) in general. I knew I’ve been missing a lot of things since my very 1st Nokia phone which was more than 7years ago. You may be surprised, but just 3hours ago I knew 3 more new things about my phone, headphones and USB cable, they may look very basic stuff, but I was so happy to know them :D.

Just to let you know, I’m not regretting getting a Nokia Tube and not an iPhone :

  • 1st of all, the iPhone 3GS wasn’t even an option ! It is not available here yet ! and when I asked about the price it was totally SHOCKING !! It was the triple of my father’s budget !!!! So, no way.

  • 2nd, even if I was able to get it, it wouldn’t work at all here (in Algeria), no 3G, no paid apps(which are the bone of the iPhone). So, it would look and act like my old phone !!!

Now, to the main subject, I’m going to make a very long review in the next week of the Tube, it’s going to be in parts, since I’ll do a full coverage of the phone, it’s accessories, the programs you need to have its full functions and pretty much every thing else !!

So, stay tuned and wish me luck in the next tests and project, because I really do need it.

Oh, before I forget, this is going to sound funny, but  I ADORE SAW SERIES !!!!!!!! follow @lionsgatehorror for more and more updates about the movie and of course @costasmandylor (a.k.a Detective Marc Hoffman) for showing some love ^_^

I love you all <3<3<3<3 !!!


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Congratulations on your new purchase and happy to see u again in the Web :D
You merit an iPhone or Android phone because u are a true geek girl ;)

Saturday, October 31, 2009 at 9:58:00 PM GMT+1 delete

Thank you my dear :) !
LoL I know !!!!! LooooooooL Inshallah when I grow up ^_^
Thanks for passing by, you've made my day brighter :D