Yesterday’s trip

Friday, July 31, 2009 1 Comments A+ a-

Hi my dears !

Yesterday, we went to do some shopping then we went to pass by my aunt to check her out, because she’s sic. However, I made this video which is actually made of several videos in several times and places.

Three things I want to clear up before you watch the video:

1st thing, I apologize for the crappy voice and the secondary voices, I couldn’t stop my dad from talking either could I with the wind !!!

2nd thing, the video isn’t really in high resolution because it was taking with my 1.3MP phone’s camera.

3rd thing, I couldn’t make anymore videos or take anymore photos because my phone’s battery went down, too bad.

Now, enjoy these photos 1st ;) :

 SP_A1226 SP_A1227 SP_A1229 SP_A1230 SP_A1231 SP_A1232 SP_A1233 SP_A1234 SP_A1235 SP_A1236 SP_A1237 SP_A1238 SP_A1239 SP_A1240

and now, here’s the video :

[viddler id=aecca044&w=545&h=451]

I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned, because I’ve got a lot of news to talk about.

See ya guys.


I want to scream !!!!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

Hello :D !!!

I’m full of confused fillings, I can’t wait to start my Internet activities again, “I’m Back”, but I can’t write every thing, so I made this video to tell you what’s going on!!!


[viddler id=cf6c788&w=545&h=451]

I’ll be so busy with tech stuff from now on, so stay tuned ;).



CSS, XHTML and designing ?!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 4 Comments A+ a-

Hello my blog’s readers :D !

I planned – with God’s will – to finish my CSS, XHTML and designing (basically with Photoshop).

Well, I started the work yesterday and thankfully I found myself  good and I still remember the basics :). I love developing and designing a lot even that I still have 3 more years ahead to study these :( but I’m so exited to do it :) .

Why did I choose web development and design ? It’s complicated… I spend a lot of time alone since I was a born. Suddenly, we had a new element in the house “Computer”, I was so exited to see something that it can actually react to me, it was an amazing filling.

After less than a month, I started trying to understand how it works, how can we change its language, why does it have to start from a certain piece and not another, this is how I felt in love with the PC world.

Then, my father brought as the one and the only one the “Internet” :), I was so exited to explore such a new and wide world,but, after a while my dad cut it because of the dangerous things that it had and it still have.So, I haven’t used the internet from the age of 4 or 5 until 11 or 12, and let me tell you, a lot has changed in this period.

Now, after using it for 5years since my very first use, I feel that I found all the good things in this “wild world web”, I use it to study, prepare my projects, get my favorite music, read my favorite books, watch my favorite movies and TV shows, and the most important thing; stay connected to the ones who matters the most; they would be friends and family.

I’m using for now, in the social networking part; Google with its products, Y!Mail, Windows Live with all its components, WordPress, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Ping and much much more… ;)

For the future, I really would love to realize my dream, and that would be a web developer and a graphic designer. :)

Hope to see you really soon,