Me today : May 6th 2009

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What's up ?

I’m so ok as soon as I’m going to be done with school in 3weeks ^_^

Well, I finished downloading “Twilight” and…….. WAAAAAAAW….O.0…. XD

I’m so in love with this movie !!!!,It’s just amazing,romantic,exiting… and cool :), I’m turning into a huge addict to this movie,I have its photos on my PC :

On my mobile phone : No photo for now ;) :P

However,the movie is totally AWESOME !!! You probably should watch it :D , I can’t wait until “New Moon” will be out XD its going to be huge <3

my favorite photo of the movie :


About school, I got double A+ in English :D , A in Arabic, the rest; God helps me :s.

Tomorrow is going to be the last day at school,I wont go back until May 19th for my final exams, I’ll go back again on June 3rd for my national exams to graduate to high school :D.

Wish me luck and thanks for all the support.

Love <3<3<3,


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