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Hi guys !

My great news , first I apologize for not writing here for a long long time,the Internet was not around for about 3weeks now due to that cable thing ( that big internet cable under the sea which was broken is finally repaired ). Finally, the internet is back this morning :D  .

However,I had an A+ in all my tests except for one B :( . But I'm so glad and more than that,guess what ??? come on guess :p  ? I'm going to participate in a French competition sponsored by the country "France"  here in our city,and guess what's the price ??????

You can't believe it at all,it's a brand new laptop  with it's accessories and a trip to Paris !!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaay

Wish me a lot of LUUUUUUUUUCK. The competition will start this Monday March 16th , and it'll end on June 29th ( That means after my final exams :D ).

Well,that's it for now,I'm trying to upload my new video but it won't :s  , so I'll keep trying all the time.

Take Care and see you soon.

P.S : Thanks a lot for voting in the poll ,commenting and your e-mails about my site's name,for now 89% voters are for " Randa's World ",so from here to Thursday if  the percentage steel more than 50% for that name,I'll make it official.

Thanks a lot.


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