The new screenshots of Snow Leopard

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Do you know what's new in Snow Leopard ? I do :D .

I found this amazing artical about what's new in S.L in photos :) which's great :

A gallery of screenshots from the latest build of Apple's upcoming Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard operating system showcases a handful of minor design tweaks that have been reported around the web in recent weeks.

The screenshots, published by World of Apple, come from Mac OS X 10.6 build 10A261, which was released to members of Apple's developer connection earlier this month.

New Keyboard Shortcuts Preference Pane

While it's rumored that Apple is keeping some more significant interface changes close to its chest at this time, a handful of subtle refinements have cropped up in versions of the software provided to third party developers, such as a revised Keyboard Shortcuts Preference pane modeled after the Finder, with commands organized into categories displayed in the left-hand column.

Choosing one of the categories, such as Dashboard & Dock, presents the shortcuts already configured with the ability to add more or restore defaults.
Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard's Keyboard Shortcuts panel has been redesigned with clarity in mind | Source: World of Apple.

Continue reading th artical here.

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