Welcome to the new Randa’s world

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Hello and welcome !

Untitled-1 (3)

I missed blogging and specially designing which I stopped doing from last summer because of the problems I had, God bless us. However, I’ve made some decisions,of course with God’s will, that I’ll blog much more and make more educational videos and I started doing those things this week because I’m in vacation and it’s better to do good things in it than staying and sleeping all day ;) .

I redesigned my website keeping the main structure and just changing the colors and the header :) . I also played a bit with the theme’s CSS for future changes,maybe.

This might be weird, but changing the theme, opening Photoshop again since more than 9 months to really design and not just to edit some pictures is the best feeling I’ve ever had !!!

So, I designed a new header, new picture, new background for my PC and the one which is in the top of this article and I’m so proud of the results. Just to let you know, I’ve made everything by myself  in those designs except for the girl in the picture, the desktop wall and the design up here ( I don’t know how to draw like this in Photoshop :( but I want to learn it :) ) .

Finally, I hope in the year, a more healthier, peaceful life with our loved ones. I also wish to learn a lot more about designing and CSS which are my life !

And of course, to not let you down here's a MeToday video :D :

Take Care,


Nokia Messaging for Social Networks : 1st impression

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Hello !!!!

So, this is a 1st look interview of the New 2nd beta release of Nokia Messaging for Social Networks.

The description from their labs page is :

Warm up your Twitter fingers, the latest Nokia Messaging* for social networks beta has now added support for Twitter, making tweeting even more convenient from the homescreen of your Nokia handset.

Back in September 2009, we introduced the first iteration of the social networking beta that let people view, post, and comment on messages, share their location and status while keeping up with their Facebook friends right from their Nokia handsets. This was only the start. The majority of the feedback given by beta testers was to add support for other social networking communities (Twitter, done! More to come!) Testers also asked for enhancements to the Facebook functionality. We took your advice and have added these new features:

  • Upload pictures and videos
  • Events: View upcoming events, birthdays and import to device calendar
  • Search friends
  • Click-to-call / click-to-SMS / click-to-FB Email

We invite you to download and test drive this social networking client from Nokia Beta Labs. This is an early preview, currently available on the Nokia N97, Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia 5530, Nokia 5800, and the Nokia X6 devices. We will support more devices in the future. We also invite you to visit http://messaging.nokia.com to see what’s available for your device from Nokia Messaging.

The description I would’ve give it is a short one:

It’s a very nice and simple to use application that lets you keep in touch with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. It’s full featured, it lets you upload photos, videos and even add Facebook events to your calendar (on the phone).

Before I go any further, I run this application on my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.



Well, I took some pictures and under each one you’ll find my opinion :


This is the main interface after adding your account at Twitter. It’s simple and very easy to use. It has all the features you need and it feels so smooth when using either your finger or the stylus.  I got totally no complains about it :).


This is the same interface just in landscape mode. So cool to use it specially with the full qwerty keyboard. I adore it :D !!!!


When you click on “What’s happening?” in the main screen, you go to here, from here as you can see, you can post your status, add preloaded quick texts, add your location using Ovi Maps and even shorten links :). Just awesome !




It’s basically the same page when you’re in Twitter, just as you can notice different color and icons.


When I clicked on the last icon on the right which has a number 1 on it, It brought me to this. You can from here accept requests and answer the invitations. When you click on the invitation you get a screen of its description and to RSVP in addition to that an option to add it to your own calendar on your phone :). Pretty handy.


I pretty much covered it all :) and I’ll update this post in time while knowing the app more and more.

Finally this app works on these phones :

Nokia N97, Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia 5530, Nokia 5800, and the Nokia X6 devices  and performs much better if you are running the latest firmware on your device.

Hope I helped you and let me know what you think in the comments ^_^

Take Care



شكرا أختي خلود

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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

أتمنى أن تكونوا بألف خير

هذه التدوينة ستكون نصف تقنية. هي عبارة عن قصتي بالمختصر المفيد في وطني، و أنا أحاول الخروج من القوقعة التي يحاصر بها بعضنا ان لم أقل أغلبنا هنا.

منذ بداية السنة الجديدة في الثانوي، كتلميذة جديدة و شخص جديد، لاحظت فروقات ضخمة بين المتوسط و الثانوي : أشخاص منفتحون، الجميع يسلم علي عند مرورهم بي رغم أنني لم أقابلهم من قبل، أشخاص مميزون و معروفون و محبوبون. هذه الفروقات و الصفات جعلتني أفكر، من أنا حقا؟ هل أنا مميزة حقا؟ و هل كنت لأحدث تغييرا في العالم بوجودي أو عدمه؟ لا أدري ان كانت هذه الأسئلة تتباذر على دهن كل طفلة مراهقة في سني، و لكني أحسست بضياع أفقدني قدرتي على كتابة مقال اخر، أو حتى عمل فيديو جديد تعليمي أفيد به غيري، و  اكتئاب حتى أنني كنت على وجه الغاء كل ما صنعته هنا في مدة عامين أو أكثر لسبب تافه و هو فكره. أظن أن هذا يعود لعدم وجود تشجيع حقيقي لي هنا في وطني، فاذا قلت لأحد أنني أكتب في التقنيات أو أنني أقوم بعمل فديوهات تعليمية انهمر علي ضاحكا ساخرا، و ان قلت لأستاذ غار مني و انهمر علي قائلا: “لن تصلي الى أي مكان، من أنت حتى تصبحي كذا و تفعلي كذا و كذا” أي أنه تحطيم ذاتي و نفسي. و البارحة فقط بينما كنت أتجول الانترنت كعادتي :) وصلني ايميل منم صديقتي خلود مؤسسة مدونة دعني أرى ، و مما جاء فيها:

اليوم كنتي ومدونتك نموذج لفتيات في عمرك
كان عندي لقاء مع طالبات متوسط وثانوي نحدثهم عن العطاء وعن التطوع
فقلت لهم مثال رندا الجزائرية >> اللي هي انتي :D
وكلمتهم عنك وعن مدونتك وعن عزيمتك لتصلي للأفضل بين اللي حولك وكيف تميزتي وأنشأتي مدونة وأنشأتي دروس فيديو تفيدين فيها الآخرين
لمست الدهشة والإعجاب بعملك في عيون الطالبات ، وبإذن الله تكونين دافع لهم حتى يبدعون ويفيدون الآخرين بما يتميزون به

الله يوفقك يارندا ويجعلك دائما مميزة ويجعل ما تفعلينه في ميزان حسناتك :)

فور قراءة الرسالة، أصبحت عيناي مليئتان بالدموع لما قالته خلود عني و وصفتني به. أدركت حينها أنني مميزة كغيري، و يجب أن أفتخر بمن أكون و ألا أستسلم و أن أعطي أفضل صورة عما يمكن لأبناء الجزائر أن يفعلوا ان كانت لديهم ارادة و توفرت لهم الظروف. و في الأخير، أتوجه بالشكر التام لأختي و عزيزتي خلود لأنها دائما تشجعني و توجهني للأفضل و هي السبب الرئيسي و أول من دفعني لبداية الكتابة باللغة العربية و التكلم بها صوتا، لكـ خالص تحياتي و أتمنى من الله تعالى أن يجزيكـ حسنات و يرفعكـ درجات عنده و يحميكـ و يحفظـكـ من كل شر و عين.


Hi !

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Hi !

I’m writing this post to ask for your opinion. I made this banner for my space in Windows Live Spaces and turned out nice ^_^

I want to know how do you find it, I made it quickly since I’m a bit busy :).

Click on it to see full size

Let me know honestly.

See you soon <3


Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (a.k.a Tube) : Introduction to the reviews

Friday, October 30, 2009 2 Comments A+ a-

Hi guys and girls !!!!!!

I misssssseeed you a lot :D I really did XD. I wasn’t able to write anything but simple tweets lately because of school; homeworks, tests, more tests…. etc ;)

As all of you supposed to know that I had my very new cell phone Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (a.k.a Tube) a week ago. Since then, I knew a lot of things about the Tube especially and the Symbian 60 (a.k.a S60) in general. I knew I’ve been missing a lot of things since my very 1st Nokia phone which was more than 7years ago. You may be surprised, but just 3hours ago I knew 3 more new things about my phone, headphones and USB cable, they may look very basic stuff, but I was so happy to know them :D.

Just to let you know, I’m not regretting getting a Nokia Tube and not an iPhone :

  • 1st of all, the iPhone 3GS wasn’t even an option ! It is not available here yet ! and when I asked about the price it was totally SHOCKING !! It was the triple of my father’s budget !!!! So, no way.

  • 2nd, even if I was able to get it, it wouldn’t work at all here (in Algeria), no 3G, no paid apps(which are the bone of the iPhone). So, it would look and act like my old phone !!!

Now, to the main subject, I’m going to make a very long review in the next week of the Tube, it’s going to be in parts, since I’ll do a full coverage of the phone, it’s accessories, the programs you need to have its full functions and pretty much every thing else !!

So, stay tuned and wish me luck in the next tests and project, because I really do need it.

Oh, before I forget, this is going to sound funny, but  I ADORE SAW SERIES !!!!!!!! follow @lionsgatehorror for more and more updates about the movie and of course @costasmandylor (a.k.a Detective Marc Hoffman) for showing some love ^_^

I love you all <3<3<3<3 !!!


What is happening to our email accounts ?

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Hi guys!

I know I haven’t been on my blog for a while, because of school (which is another story, soon to be told :P ), but I still get updated on my phone. So, to get to the other side ( Twilight quote ;) :D LoL ), well, I mean to the point.

I’m going to talk about the latest phishing scams on our email account, which I happen to be a victim of , but it’s resolved just this second !!!! :D

What’s going on ?!

Well, some people’s email accounts’ passwords have been published to the net, with the usernames and everything ! So, if you’re affected, what’s gonna happen is; as an example, let’s say that you were surfing the web, suddenly you find my email address an a blog post with the username and password to access it, you’ll access it ( if you’re a hacker or just curious :P ) and you’ll start messing up with my things !

That’s what will happen once you’re email’s password is exposed.

Which email providers have been affected ?

Unfortunately, all email providers have been affected :(, these are quotes from what they wrote on their blogs (Hotmail, Yahoo!Mail then Gmail) :

As of 3pm PT: We want to provide a quick update, that as a result of our investigation we are taking measures to block access to all of the accounts that were exposed and have resources in place to help those users reclaim their accounts.

If you believe your information was documented on the illegal list, please fill out the following form to reclaim access to your account.


Over the weekend Microsoft learned that several thousand Windows Live Hotmail customers’ credentials were exposed on a third-party site due to a likely phishing scheme. Upon learning of the issue, we immediately requested that the credentials be removed and launched an investigation to determine the impact to customers. As part of that investigation, we determined that this was not a breach of internal Microsoft data and initiated our standard process of working to help customers regain control of their accounts.

Phishing is an industry-wide problem and Microsoft is committed to helping consumers have a safe, secure and positive online experience. Our guidance to customers is to exercise extreme caution when opening unsolicited attachments and links from both known and unknown sources, and that they install and regularly update their anti-virus software.”  If you believe you’ve been a victim of a phishing scheme, it’s very important that you update your account information and change your password as soon as possible. More information on what to do is available on this page at our support community.

Microsoft recommends customers use the following protective security measures:

  • Renew their passwords for Windows Live IDs every 90 days
  • For administrators, make sure you approve and authenticate only users that you know and can verify credentials
  • As phishing sites can also pose additional threats, please install and keep anti-virus software up to date


Keeping you safe while you’re online is a top priority for us here at Yahoo!. One important part of your online safety is making sure that nobody else can access your Yahoo! Mail account without your permission, and the best way to do that is to make sure you choose a good password and make sure nobody else knows it or can easily guess it.

I know it can feel like a pain typing out a more detailed password, but none of us want to make it any easier for the bad guys.

My top advice is to be mindful of any Web page that requests your Yahoo! password. The #1 way people get their passwords stolen is by typing them into lookalike “phishing” web sites, pages that pretend to be Yahoo! or another trusted Web site but actually are run by the bad guys. Scrutinize carefully any page that requests your Yahoo! password. In addition:

  • Make sure the Web page address doesn’t have any misspellings or extra words (e.g. http://www.yah000.com, http://www.yahoo-members.com, or http://www.yahoo.BadGuyEnterprises.com) in it. When it doubt, go straight to http://www.yahoo.com and log in from there.
  • Be vigilant about anything that doesn’t look right on the page, such as typos, outdated content, or broken or missing pictures.
  • Best idea: be sure to set up a customized “Sign-In seal” picture — instructions are at https://protect.login.yahoo.com/ — and never enter your password unless you see that picture on the page.

Here are a few more tips to help keep you safe online:

  • Don’t use the same password on multiple sites. Your Yahoo! Mail account is important to you, so it deserves its own password. That way, if the unthinkable happens on another site, at least your Yahoo! mailbox remains secure.
  • Never send your password over email. Yahoo! will never request your password from you in an e-mail; if you ever receive such a request, you should treat it as fraud. Do not pass “Go!” Instead immediately click the “Spam” button on that message.
  • Protect yourself with a virus scanner. Another way passwords get stolen is from a virus that records your keystrokes. Don’t give the bad guys that option: There are a number of anti-virus companies that offer free versions or trial offers, including (in no particular order and with no specific endorsement implied) http://security.symantec.com , http://usa.kaspersky.com/downloads/free-virus-scanner.php, http://us.mcafee.com/root/downloads.asp?id=freeTrials, and http://www.avast.com/eng/avast_4_home.html.

Unfortunately there is no silver bullet against these criminals and con-men, but hopefully these tips will help us all keep the bad guys at bay.


As part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we'd like to take this opportunity to remind you about smart password practices. Help ensure you're protecting your computer, website, and personal information by checking out our security series on the Google blog or visiting http://www.staysafeonline.org.
Phishing, a topic that's been in the news, is unfortunately a common way for hackers to trick you into sharing personal information like your account password. If you suspect you've been a victim of a phishing attack, we recommend you immediately change your password, update the security question and secondary address on your account, and make sure you're using a modern browser with anti-phishing protection turned on. Keep an eye out for the phishing warning Gmail adds to suspicious messages, and be sure to review these tips on how to avoid getting hooked.
Creating a new password is often one of the first recommendations you hear when trouble occurs. Even a great password can't keep you from being scammed, but setting one that's memorable for you and that's hard for others to guess is a smart security practice since weak passwords can be easily guessed. Below are a few common problems we've seen in the past and suggestions for making your passwords stronger.

How do I protect my email account from this danger ?

If you’re like me, getting your email hacked or scammed is a nightmare :(, you’ll lose the work of years and years !!! You’ll never be able to get it back ; your contacts, emails (including important ones for work or just emails you keep as a souvenir or some photos…etc), your calendar, and so on.

That’s why I have some tips on how you’ll be able to protect your email account ( and not just your email, but also any account on the web ! ).

  • Don’t give your username and password to anyone ! Specially third party applications, unless you’re sure about what you’re doing, this way YOU take the blame.
  • Change your password constantly, as an example every week.
  • Create a strong, long password of a mixed combination of numbers,symbols and letters.
  • Last and not least, if you feel that you’ve been scammed in a way or another, contact your email provider from its help section.

I hope this helps you a bit :). If you have any questions or comments, just let me know ;).

See you soon,


Review: Microsoft Security Essentials: Installation and updating

Friday, October 02, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

Welcome !

In this article, you’ll know a bit about Microsoft Security Essentials.

Those are photos of it :

When done installing, you'll see this.

When updating

In this video you’ll fid detailed review :D :

Here’s the links for downloading the offline updates :


Download 32-bit

Download 64-bit

For some problems with my video and/or blog, the video won't show up, so here's the link of the review :)

As more time I use it, I’ll be keeping you updated, follow me for more updates.

See you soon


Diary: Introduction : What’s up ?!

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Hi guys!

How are you ? I’m ok, a bit upset and angry right now, but I’ll be fine :)

However, this is my 1st entry in this category :D. What is this thing called “Diary” ??? Well, It’s a diary, ;) lol !!!! No, I was joking, I meant, I’m going to start to write about what happens to me, it’s kind of of “MeToday” but as an article instead of a video :). You know when sometimes you feel like you’re going to blow up and you feel so hated and depressed ? Well, that’s how I feel the most of the time, and I have no one to talk to :(, no brother and no sister !!!

So, anytime I have a story, or I just wan to let you know why I feel upset and depressed I’ll write a post ^_^ . For now, that’s it !

See you soon guys in a lot of upcoming videos and posts,  I just didn’t have time to write a post, make a video or edit it :( because I have school from Sunday to Thursday from 8a.m to 5p.m, so, basically I’m dead at the end of the day and the week.

BYE ‘n’ much <3


Yahoo! meme: The new polished Twitter

Friday, September 18, 2009 2 Comments A+ a-

Yahoo!Meme is a service that has been released weeks ago in English.

Here’s a video tour and review of it:

[viddler id=f430c9fa&w=545&h=405]

If you need any help or you want to try it out, let me know :)


Review: iTunes 9 for PC

Saturday, September 12, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

Hello guys !

Sorry for being away for too many days :(, I had problems with my PC while getting Widows7....

However, Apple's event was last week, and they announced a lot of updates including the new iTunes 9.

So, here's a review about it:

Let me know what you guys think :)


Review in video: What’s new with Yahoo!Mail and Messenger

Friday, September 04, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-


These are quick reviews of the updated Yahoo! services: Mail and Messenger, hope you enjoy.

Yahoo!Mail review:

Yahoo!Messenger 10 beta review:

[viddler id=f662feb6&w=545&h=405]

See you later, guys and girls.


Techy MeToday : August 31st

Tuesday, September 01, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

Hello tweeps (Twitter people, you use twitter, right? ) !

Just before you watch the video, I want to make things clear:

  • I’ll make every week one MeToday video.

  • Once I’ll make a techy MeToday video, like this one, the other week I’ll make a live MeToday video (Sowing up in the live one still an issue…).

Enjoy :)…


New : Yahoo! updating its services

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 4 Comments A+ a-

Yahoo! is updating its services such as Mail, Messenger and search with new cool features :

For Yahoo!Mail : A Streamlined Design, A Better Way to Attach and Share Photos and More Social Features.

For Yahoo!Messenger: High-quality video calls, New “Y! Updates” view of your contact list, All-new Yahoo! Insider, New icons in the IM window and  New ways to sort your contacts.

and in addition to these, an updated Yahoo! search results page:

a new Yahoo!Mobile page:

Finally, Yahoo! acquired Maktoob.com, the Arab portal for 85 million dollars or more.

I think that Yahoo! is taking major steps into the market, and as a Yahoo! loyal user, I can’t wait to see the updates.

Now the big question is: What do you guys think ?

Resources: Yahoo!Mail, Yahoo!Messenger, Yahoo! updates it’s services, Yahoo! buying Maktoob.


دورة الفوتوشوب: الدرس الثاني: القص و الدمج الاحترافيين

Monday, August 24, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

السلام عليكم

بفضل من الله تعالى قمت بانهاء الدرس الثاني للدورة التعليمية للفوتوشوب، و الحمد لله هذا الدرس أوضح و أفضل من الدرس الأول، أتمنى أن تستفيدوا

نتيجة الدرس


[viddler id=204ff59f&w=545&h=405]

أي استفسار أو تعليق فهو مرحب به،،، تحياتي


رمضان كريم

Friday, August 21, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

السلام عليكم اخواني و أخواتي

هنيئا لنا بقدوم الشهر الكريم شهر رمضان، جعله الله لنا باب طاعة و غفران و رحمة. بهذه المناسبة قمت بعمل تصميم بسيط و جميل


رمضان كريم و ينعاد علينا و عليكم بألف خير


Yahoo!Mail’s applications gone ?!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

So, you guys probably know about the applications that Yahoo! launched months ago in their web-based e-mail service. Well, lately I noticed some changes and made a video of them, enjoy…

[viddler id=40533dc2&w=545&h=405]

Let me know what you guys think ;)

Update on August 20th 2009: Yahoo!Mail's apps are back now and working normal :).


MeToday : August 15th 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

Hi guys !

WaaaaW, long time since my last English post !

Well, here’s a MeToday, it sais pretty much everything !!!

[viddler id=b1553da5&w=545&h=405]

See ya guys later


الدرس الأول في دورة تعليم الفوتوشوب : الاتعريف بأدوات الفوتوشوب و أهميتها

Thursday, August 13, 2009 4 Comments A+ a-

السلام عليكم

و أخيرا هاهو الدرس الأول في الفوتوشوب، كان من المفروض أن يقدم يوم الاثنين و لكن كانت عندي مشاكل و انقطاعات في الاتصال بالشبكة بالاضافة الى كوني مرضت، و لكن الحمد لله. على العموم، في الدرس الأول سوف أقوم بشرح الأدوات الموجودة في الفوتوشوب و أهمية و عمل كل منها، و في الدروس القادمة باذن الله سوف نبدأ في دروس التصميم و نستخدم الفوتوشوب فعلا. ملاحظة صغيرة فقط، في منتصف الفيديو سوف ينفصل الصوت عن الصورة، و قد حاولت اصلاح ذلكـ مئات المرات و لكن لا فائدة، فالمعذرة على ذلكـ.


[viddler id=9adbba05&w=545&h=451]

أتمنى أن أكون أفدتكم، سوف أطرح الدرس الثاني قريبا باذن الله.

تحياتي، رندا

عن الدورة التعليمية للفوتوشوب

Sunday, August 09, 2009 12 Comments A+ a-

السلام عليكم

و أخيرا تدوينة لي باللغة العربية بعد هذه الفترة الطويلة :) ، سعيدة بلقائكم اخواني. لأدخل في صلب الموضوع، لقد قمت بتجهيز فيديو لهذه التدوينة لشرح ما يلزمكم من أدوات و برامج لتطبيق هذه الدروس، طبعا الفيديو باللغة العربية. فقط أريد توضيح امر واحد، و هو أنني لحد الان لم أحصل على رد واضح و قاطع حول استعانتي بدروس دورتهم في تقديم دروسي الخاصة، و لهذا، فان جميع الدروس التي ستقدم هنا سوف تكون من تعبي و عملي الخاص، واذا حدث أي تغيير فسأحرص طبعا على اطلاعكم به. و الان الى الفيديو:

اذا كانت لديكم أية أسئلة حول هذا الموضوع، فأنا جاهزة للاجابة عنها من خلال التعليقات. دمتم بخير


Photoshop tutorials : Introduction

Tuesday, August 04, 2009 1 Comments A+ a-

So, I’ve been tweeting about a plan that I had, which is making video tutorials in Arabic about Adobe Photoshop for beginners. I made this video to explain the concept of the idea itself.

*My YouTube introduction*

Hopefully, you enjoy them(the tutorials :P), if you have any questions, suggestions, comments or ideas let me know ;) .


Yesterday’s trip

Friday, July 31, 2009 1 Comments A+ a-

Hi my dears !

Yesterday, we went to do some shopping then we went to pass by my aunt to check her out, because she’s sic. However, I made this video which is actually made of several videos in several times and places.

Three things I want to clear up before you watch the video:

1st thing, I apologize for the crappy voice and the secondary voices, I couldn’t stop my dad from talking either could I with the wind !!!

2nd thing, the video isn’t really in high resolution because it was taking with my 1.3MP phone’s camera.

3rd thing, I couldn’t make anymore videos or take anymore photos because my phone’s battery went down, too bad.

Now, enjoy these photos 1st ;) :

 SP_A1226 SP_A1227 SP_A1229 SP_A1230 SP_A1231 SP_A1232 SP_A1233 SP_A1234 SP_A1235 SP_A1236 SP_A1237 SP_A1238 SP_A1239 SP_A1240

and now, here’s the video :

[viddler id=aecca044&w=545&h=451]

I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned, because I’ve got a lot of news to talk about.

See ya guys.


I want to scream !!!!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

Hello :D !!!

I’m full of confused fillings, I can’t wait to start my Internet activities again, “I’m Back”, but I can’t write every thing, so I made this video to tell you what’s going on!!!


[viddler id=cf6c788&w=545&h=451]

I’ll be so busy with tech stuff from now on, so stay tuned ;).



CSS, XHTML and designing ?!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 4 Comments A+ a-

Hello my blog’s readers :D !

I planned – with God’s will – to finish my CSS, XHTML and designing (basically with Photoshop).

Well, I started the work yesterday and thankfully I found myself  good and I still remember the basics :). I love developing and designing a lot even that I still have 3 more years ahead to study these :( but I’m so exited to do it :) .

Why did I choose web development and design ? It’s complicated… I spend a lot of time alone since I was a born. Suddenly, we had a new element in the house “Computer”, I was so exited to see something that it can actually react to me, it was an amazing filling.

After less than a month, I started trying to understand how it works, how can we change its language, why does it have to start from a certain piece and not another, this is how I felt in love with the PC world.

Then, my father brought as the one and the only one the “Internet” :), I was so exited to explore such a new and wide world,but, after a while my dad cut it because of the dangerous things that it had and it still have.So, I haven’t used the internet from the age of 4 or 5 until 11 or 12, and let me tell you, a lot has changed in this period.

Now, after using it for 5years since my very first use, I feel that I found all the good things in this “wild world web”, I use it to study, prepare my projects, get my favorite music, read my favorite books, watch my favorite movies and TV shows, and the most important thing; stay connected to the ones who matters the most; they would be friends and family.

I’m using for now, in the social networking part; Google with its products, Y!Mail, Windows Live with all its components, WordPress, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Ping and much much more… ;)

For the future, I really would love to realize my dream, and that would be a web developer and a graphic designer. :)

Hope to see you really soon,


Nokia 5800 XM or iPhone 3GS ?

Sunday, June 28, 2009 14 Comments A+ a-

Hi lovers !!

Well, 3months ago I putted a poll in my website (This one) to know what’s your suggestion about getting a new MP(mobile phone :P ), and the results are here :D …

77% of people voted for getting an iPhone (3G or 3GS)

20% of people voted for getting the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

3% voted for other but they didn’t mention it.

Well, I want to get an iPhone 3GS but I love Nokia’s products,so I’m kind of  confused.Here’s what I think of both of them, because eventually I’ll get one of them.

iPhone 3G S:

What I like about it :

  • - Its web browser is so cool specially with the full screen browsing.
  • - Its keyboard is amazing,while writing an e-mail or searching for a contact,it’s the best keyboard ever.
  • - Its look and feel is amazing, it’s thin and has a glossy look (From the style perspective).
  • - It gives you many possibilities with its apps and the new 3.0 firmware .
  • - It has photo and video recording with a quite good quality…

What I hate or I want in it:

  • - Its camera needs to have better quality specially for shooting videos.
  • - It needs to support SD card for ore storage if someone like me 32GB isn’t enough for him/her .
  • - Its browser doesn’t support Flash which too bad for YouTube and Viddler lovers like me ;) .
  • - It needs to be unlocked and jailbroken to be used here in Algeria and I hate jailbreaking electronics :( .
  • - It doesn’t support wallpapers (Not talking about when it’s locked).

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic :

What I like about it:

  • - Its look is so stylish O_0
  • - Its home page look.
  • - The support for wallpapers and even themes.
  • - Having a stylus with it.
  • - Its amazing camera with awesome photo and video quality.
  • - Its menu is familiar and clean.
  • - Its web browser supports Flash and it’s fast.
  • - It has an option for an SD card which is awesome.
  • - You don’t have to unlock it or jailbreak it to have it here in Algeria since Nokia has many stores here :D .

What I hate about it:

  • - Bad keyboard compared to iPhone’s one.
  • - It’s way thicker than the iPhone :s .

Conclusion :

Until I get one of them, I’m in favor of the Nokia even that I was and I’m still a huge iPhone fan and supporter.

Your turn : what do you think ?

I really would appreciate your opinion specially if you were a Nokia user and now you have or tried the iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS.

Thanks and I’ll see you soon.


MeToday: I’m a High School girl

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 2 Comments A+ a-

Hi guys, as the most of you know( I think???), I passed my finals with a great mark and now I’m a High School Girl :D .

I’ve had really big problems during the time waiting for the result, some unbelievable people tried to change my grade and give it to his girl, so, I was so pissed off and we ( me and my parents ) found out thankfully at the right time :) .

I’ll leave you with the video, it explains it better since it’s me whose talking :P .

[viddler id=6f7b96c&w=545&h=451]

I’m getting ready for new tech videos and reviews, please, if you have any suggestions or requests, let me know :D .

See you soon,


حول تويتر الى تطبيق كمبيوتر بدون برامج

Monday, June 15, 2009 12 Comments A+ a-

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

كيف الحال؟ أتمنى أن تكونوا بألف خير. بعد التشجيعات التي تلقيتها العديد من المرات لعمل شروحات و فديوهات باللغة العربية  خلال تدويني و عملي، لشروحات البرامج و جديدها، قمت بعمل فيديو جديد باللغة العربية و ذلك لأول مرة. و هاهي الفيديو

أتمنى أن تنال اعجابكم و دمتم بخير


BEM paragraph

Monday, June 15, 2009 6 Comments A+ a-

Hello guys !

It has been a long time since I wrote something here,so I decided before I’ll give my paper to my English teacher as a souvenir, I’ll post the paragraph that I wrote in my BEM exam ( my national exams which I have to pass to graduate to high school “Secondary School” ).

Well, here we go…

What rights do they have?

In many places on our planet, children are being abused.The number of mistreated children is growing up every day.

Some people defend these children and their rights but others don’t.Either because they don’t care about them or because they say that they don’t  know what are the children’s rights .

A child needs a home,a family,a loving and caring society.To live, he needs freedom, education so he can create and plan for his future.His parents have to feed him, dress him and take care of him.His society have to protect him and make sure he feels like one of them.These are a few of their rights and the most important ones.

In the other hand, you can protect and help a child by contacting the authorities if you see a child being mistreated.”

                                                                                 Written by: Randa 

Hope you liked it,please let me know what you really think :D .

Love you all and See you soon :P .

MeToday : June 8th 2009

Tuesday, June 09, 2009 2 Comments A+ a-

Hi, friends !

I made a new MeToday video which is almost what happened with me this last month :).

The video ( in HQ again !!!!) I’m still shocked from the ability to record in HQ !!! lol

Gotta go,



Tuesday, June 09, 2009 4 Comments A+ a-

Yesterday was the first day of  WWDC , in which Apple reveled its newest  gadgets.

It was so exiting and a lot of people from all around the world were watching the live streaming from WWDC in San Francisco.

From I Bought A Mac‘s article : Apple reveled these :

Macbooks :

  • - Macbook Pro Updates: Updated (and better) battery using technologies in 17-inch for all MBP models, SD Card Slot replaces Express Card slot, Faster Processors maxing out at 3.06ghz, Up to 8GB DDR3 RAM. Integrated Graphics only on the 13-inch and low-end 15-inch models, advanced graphics on high-end 15-inch and all 17-inch models.
  • - 13-inch Macbooks are now apart of the Macbook Pro family, starting at $1,199. The ‘macbook’ is the white model from here on out.
  • - Speed update and price drop to the Macbook Air
  • - Mac users are now 75million, tripled from 2 years ago

Snow Leopard :


  • - Snow Leopard pricing is $29 for single-user and $49 for a family pack
  • - Apple Introduces QuickTimeX - with improved UI, HTTP Streaming, export to web, improved editing, performance and quality improvements, and a brand new icon!
  • - What we already knew: Snow Leopard introduces 64-Bit support, exchange support, OpenCL, GrandCentral
  • - iChat has better a resolution and video quality when AV chatting; Time Machine backups are 50% faster; PDF selection is refined; Disk Eject is improved, safer; File Sharing is improved; Automatic time zone setup and automatic printer driver updates via internet
  • - Install footprint from Snow Leopard is lighter, freeing up 6GB of space and 45% faster than Leopard
  • - Dock Updates: New ‘Click+hold’ menu and functionality allows to operate exposé from the dock; Stacks are now scrollable and can drill into folders from within stacks
  • - The Finder was re-written with no UI changes, but speed and performance enhancements

iPhone OS 3.0 :

  • - Update will be available worldwide on June 17, free for iPhone suers and $9.95 for iPod Touch users
  • - New Find My iPhone - MobileMe service allows users to locate their missing iPhone, make it ring (whether or not in Silent Mode), can remotely wipe iPhones
  • - HTTP Streaming support, HTML5 Support, AutoFill in Safari, 3x Faster Javascript performance, support for audio/video tags; 30 more languages supported
  • - Can now download TV Shows and Movies, rent Movies using the built-in iTunes app on the iPhone
  • - Tethering Details: sharing connection via USB or Bluetooth, PC Or Mac, available by carrier support. NO AT&T SUPPORT IN THE US
  • - Apple recapped announcements and features from the March event; had developers demo their apps with new SDK. (TomTom demo’ed new turn-by-turn app with hardware kit for car - very cool)

iPhone 3GS:


  • - Will be released on June 19th in the US and other countries, 80 countries by August. (Apple showed off a new commercial featuring the 3Gs)
  • - iPhone 3GS is priced at $199/16gb $299/32gb. iPhone 3G 8GB will continue to sell for $99 (All prices are subject to carrier subsidization).
  • - Battery life is improved - Internet life: now 9hrs (was 6hrs), while watching video: now 10hrs (was 7), listening to audio: 30hrs (was 24, 2G talk time: 12hrs (was 10)
  • - New built-in compass - integrated into Maps and standalone app, orients to direction for maps, developers have access to the APIs for compass
  • - 3GS comes with text-to-speech functionality, built-in Nike+ Support, Hardware encryption, encrypted iTunes backups
  • - Voice Control - Hold down the home button to open up voice control interface that allows you to make phone calls, see various iTunes functions, and more by using vocal commands
  • - Video Recording - from within the Camera app, 30fps VGA, auto-foucs/white-balance/exposure. Video Editing and sharing from within the iPhone - send via MMS
  • - Camera is improved to 3 megapixels, with better light sensitivity, autofocus, auto-white-balance, can tap to focus, and auto-macro
  • - iPhone 3GS (s for speed) announced with major speed improvements - messages launch 2.1x faster, SimCity loads 2.4x faster, Excel attachments load 3.6x faster, NYTimes loads 2.9x faster. 3G HSDPA is 7.2mbps

I think these are major updates for several Apple products, this is why I’m turning into a huge Apple fan who’s forced to use Windows >_<

However, from my point of view, I think Apple is awesome, and I can’t wait to have an iPhone 3GS :D .

For MacBook, I’m so happy for Leopard users who’re going to upgrade to Snow Leopard :) and who knows, I might get a MacBook ;)

Now it’s your turn to let me know what do you think in the comments :) .

See you,


Twitter app without an app

Saturday, June 06, 2009 6 Comments A+ a-

Whas up ???

I made a new video on a small trick that I'm using to have Twitter as an application without actually using any application but Prism extension.

The video ( In HQ !!!! :D )

The link for the Prism extension : here

Hope you like it and let me know in the comments.

See ya,


Me today : May 18th : “Bday”

Monday, May 18, 2009 8 Comments A+ a-

Hi,my bests !

Well, yesterday was my birth day :D . Honestly, I totally forgot about it until a friend of mine sent me a message on Facebook !!! It was a shock to me, I didn’t expect that it will be that soon and in my revisions period (as always :(  ).However, I want to thank you all for your Bday wishes, you really made my day much better and I think the most beautiful gift you can get at your Bday or any other special day is friends.

I made kind of quick video,hope you enjoy it :

[viddler id=2cb45994&w=545&h=451]

Thanks again and see you on Thursday :D


كتاب: أرقام تقنية

Saturday, May 09, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

السلام عليكم

اليوم أصدرت مجموعة PSD Groups كتابها الرائع و الفريد من نوعه في رأيي

“أرقام تقنية”




و يتميز هذا الكتاب بمحتواه الرائع جدا و الغني بالمعلومات المفيدة ، و قد تضمن عدة مواضيع حول مجالات مختلفة في عالم التقنية، مثل لغات البرمجة و طريقة الحصول على صور رائعة بالاضافة على عدة مواضيع أخرى أثرت معارفي حقا، هذا بالاضافة الى تصميمه الأنيق و المبدع. أنصحكم اخواني و أخواتي بمطالعة هذا الكتاب و ذلك عن طريق تحميله من هنا

حمل الكتاب

أو زيارة موقعهم من هنا

في الأخير أوجه خالص تحياتي للأخ  سفير القلم  و كل من ساهم في اصدار هذا الكاتب و أدعو لهم بالنجاح و التوفيق الدائم ان شاء الله و جزاهم الله كل خير.

أتمنى لكم قراءة موفقة و دمتم سالمين

Me today : May 6th 2009

Wednesday, May 06, 2009 1 Comments A+ a-

What's up ?

I’m so ok as soon as I’m going to be done with school in 3weeks ^_^

Well, I finished downloading “Twilight” and…….. WAAAAAAAW….O.0…. XD

I’m so in love with this movie !!!!,It’s just amazing,romantic,exiting… and cool :), I’m turning into a huge addict to this movie,I have its photos on my PC :

On my mobile phone : No photo for now ;) :P

However,the movie is totally AWESOME !!! You probably should watch it :D , I can’t wait until “New Moon” will be out XD its going to be huge <3

my favorite photo of the movie :


About school, I got double A+ in English :D , A in Arabic, the rest; God helps me :s.

Tomorrow is going to be the last day at school,I wont go back until May 19th for my final exams, I’ll go back again on June 3rd for my national exams to graduate to high school :D.

Wish me luck and thanks for all the support.

Love <3<3<3,


Exams !!! Simple design

Sunday, May 03, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-


Aero effect in FireFox

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 4 Comments A+ a-

Hi,guys !

Today,I'm presenting a new tip for the Firefox users :),it's how to get the Aero transparency in FireFox.

First of all download this add on : Glasser

Choose the version which goes with the right build.

Then,oupy,here's FireFox with Aero effect.

To show you the result,here's a quick video I've made :

[viddler id=ce83ae7&w=545&h=451]

Hope you like it.

See ya

Me Today: April 17th 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009 2 Comments A+ a-

Waw !

After a long time,I finally made a me today video.

I pretty much said every thing on it,so ENJOY…..

[viddler id=1dede1cc&w=545&h=488]

See you soon,



Friday, April 10, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

الســــــــــلام عليكــــــــــــم

كـــيــــــــف الحــــال ؟

أتمنى أن تكونوا بألف خير

لم أكتب بالعربية لمدة طويلة جدا ، نظرا لضيق الوقت و انشغالي بالدراسة، و لهذا سأحاول أن ألخص ما حدث من جديد بسرعة و في فقرات مفيدة و قصيرة.

أولا --- أرزق أخي في الله سعود ببنتين رائعتين حفظهما الله و رعاهما، وكان هذا اسعد خبر لهذا الأسبوع، و لهذا " ألف مبرووووكـ" لكما أخي و أختي.

ثانيا ---عدنا الى الدراسة ، و قد يضن البعض أن هذا شيء رائع الا أنا ، لأنني أحس بضغوطات لا تطاق، و لكنني أعلم أن من يتعب و يجتهد ينجح في الاخر،و ما علي الا أن أتوكل على الله تعالى و ادعوا لي ;)

ثالثا(و ما يهمني فعلا بعد الدراسة أو معها) ---هو الانترنت، لقد صادفت جميع المشاكـــل التي قد تخطر على بالكم ، فعلا ، لقد انقطع الانترنت لمدة تزيد عن شهر واحد ،و بعد عودته أصيب جهاز الـدي أس أل الخاص بي بالتلف ، على الأقل هذا ما ضننته،و لكن بعد عملية مسح كامل للملفات و تركيب الفيستا من جديد أصبح كل شيء بخير.

لم أنته، فلحد الان ، لم يقم برنامج الحماية " أفاسط" بالتحديث، و هذا سيء حقا.

في خلال هذه الفترة، تعرفت على أصدقاء جدد، و برامج رائعة لن أنسى بأن أقيم تعريفات و مدونات خاصة بها.

في الأخير ، أدعوا لي اخواني و أخواتي ،بالنجاح و التوفيق ان شاء الله


دمــــــ سالـــــــــمـيـن ــــــتــم