Official Windows 7 Screen Shots

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 0 Comments A+ a-

Via Sarah in Tampa I’ve seen my first screen shots of Windows 7 in action.

The best way to describe the images is that "it’s all in the details", as they say.

These images are exactly what I hoped Windows 7 would be - simple and elegant. I wasn’t looking for "innovative" (that term has been used so much it’s completely lost its meaning when applied to OSes these days). I wasn’t looking for "wow". I wasn’t looking for "cool". What I was looking for is something usable, streamlined and functional.

(The full set of images are at LLarsen’s Flickr set - click that link to see them all)

This is obviously not a large departure from Windows Vista, but Microsoft is getting on the right track with this - and it shows in the interface.

From : PCMech

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