ME on the day one of the festival

Saturday, October 04, 2008 0 Comments A+ a-

Hello gyes and Happy Aid ( Festival) to all of you.

So,today I went to visit my grandma and I took some videos and I’ll share them with you ^^ :

[viddler id=667cbe7d&w=437&h=400]

[viddler id=c80595cc&w=437&h=400]

[viddler id=daf58bf0&w=437&h=400]

[viddler id=8c300d4a&w=437&h=400]

[viddler id=a38dcfeb&w=437&h=400]

[viddler id=b35da395&w=437&h=400]

So, See ya tomorrow

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