OMG Google Chrome!

Friday, September 05, 2008 0 Comments A+ a-

There's been a lot of excitement about Google Chrome, Google's fast and clean new web browser. But you may have noticed that it's missing a way to clip to Google Notebook! Oh noes! Luckily, you can still add and use the Google Notebook bookmarklet. To install a bookmarklet on Google Chrome, click the in the upper-right, and select "Always show bookmarks bar."

Then, go to the
bookmarklet page and drag and drop the bookmarklet on to your bookmarks bar.
The next time you find something you want to clip, click on "Note This" in your bookmarks bar and away you go. Hurrah!

Another cool feature in Chrome is the ability to make
application shortcuts. Just go to the full-page Google Notebook, click on the icon, and choose "Create application shortcuts..." This feature will let you launch notebook in its own window straight from your desktop.

From Google Notebook’s blog

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