iPod nano 4G photo, details [new orig photo]

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MacNN can confirm the existence of the fourth-generation iPod nano and has obtained a verified authentic photo of the Apple music player. The device exactly matches claims by Digg founder Kevin Rose of a tall, tapered design and is enclosed in wrap-around aluminum, as with the second-generation model. It also has the same offset Dock Connector placement of the 2006 version and marks the return of at least one color that had previously disappeared from the iPod lineup: the example shown to MacNN comes in the same metallic orange as the early 2007 iPod shuffle update. Other colors will be more vibrant than the pale hues from the third-generation nano, according to the sources.

Similar packaging to earlier low-end iPods will also accompany the nano and are visible in the shot.
Most other details of the device are unknown, though people familiar with the update say the new player will be shipping as of next week, likely almost immediately after the "Let's Rock" event, and will be exempt from the last week of the back-to-school promo that provides a free iPod along with the purchase of a Mac. Most observers expect Apple to maintain similar pricing to the outgoing models but double capacity to 16GB in high-end trim. (Note: image deliberately obscured)

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