Windows Vista SP1

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Hello !
Today I'm going to talk about the new Windows Vista SP1 (SP for Service Pack one).
A lot of you are using XP SP2,and don't want to use Windows Vista,for some reasons,I'm in love with Vista version Ultimate( There's 4 : Home Basic,Home Premium,Ultimate and Business),here you can see the difference between each one .Mine is Windows Vista Ultimate,as you saw at that page,it is the best version.
The specifications to run Windows Vista are(by my opinion) :
A least 1Gb of ram
at least 20Gb of free hard Disk
A video card which supports Windows Aero.
My specifications of my computer are :
540 Mb of ram
36.54 Gb of hard disk
No video card that supports Aero.
So,even that my specifications does not seem to be ok,it works perfectly for me, specially after installing Vista SP1,it comes in Windows Update after,probably 1 week(for me) after installing vista,or you can download it here .
It makes a huge improvements in the way that Vista runs ,and it adds some features that some of you may not notice .
This video shows you what are the major changes in your Vista system after you install it.
The video is little bit old,so you can make sure,that it was released officially from Microsoft.
Take care

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