Google vs Windows Live

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Hello ^^ !

I've been testing google and Windows Live these couple of weeks,and specially ther free offers: Google Docs by Google and SkyDrive by Windows Live + the emails(Gmail and Hotmail).

1st- I'll start with E-mails ,for my opinion ,Gmail is the best,it's clean and fast and the storage is amazing,by now; Gmail has 6.883 Gb and Hotmail 5 .Hotmail is good too, it's look is so good.

2nd-  I love Google Docs more because ; I can upload as much as I can of files with the extentions : .doc , .ppt  and .pdf, I can edit them,share them or just save them,and I can creat ones too and acces them when I'm offline thanks to Google Gear extention.

It has a clean and easy interface to use.

I am ok with SkyDrive from Windows Live,it does have a clean simple interface, you can upload files with any extention( .exe , .doc , .flv , .mp3 ...etc) , but it has a limit, it gives you 5Gb of storage,and you can't edit any file you uploaded  it,and for me these are the bad things about it .

These all offers are for free !!!

So,this is my opinion,and I want to know yours ^^.

Thanks and see ya

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