Firefox 3 & Y!Mail make changing your default client easy!

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For everyone out there who has been longing for an easier way to set Yahoo! Mail as your default email client I have some delightful news. With the much ballyhooed recent debut of Firefox 3, as well as some recent updates to All-New Mail, it’s never been easier.

Some of our savvier Windows users have been able to follow a rather simple (but somewhat tedious) process for some time now, and our Mac users have been totally left out (the sad price we pay for being tragically hip), but now everyone can join in on the fun with just a couple steps. of the big additions to FF3 is the Applications section of the Options/Preferences menu. There you can designate how just about any type of link will behave when you click on it. Just look for “mailto” under Content Type and select “Use Yahoo! Mail”.

The list of content types is pretty long, so they’ve also provided a handy Search field to narrow your results.

Now if you happen to be a bit phobic when it comes to digging around your Options/Preferences, All-New Mail has an awesome alternative. added to the Options drop-down is an entry for “Set Y! Mail as my default webmail”. Doing so will switch your “mailto” action from whatever it was to “Always Ask”.

The next time you click on a “mailto” link you will get a handy pop-up asking you to pick your email client, and giving you the choice to make that selection permanent. Settings changed and you never had to navigate your Options/Prefs.

If you haven’t tried Firefox 3 you can download it from the Mozilla website.  Most of you should already see that new choice in your Options menu, but if not you should have it in the next week or so.

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