Bypass Gmail's Spam Filter

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If you wanted a way to bypass Gmail's spam filter, now it's possible. Just create a filter that describes the cases when Gmail should not flag the incoming messages as spam and then check "Never send it to spam". To bypass the filter for all the messages flagged as spam, type label:spam in the "Has the words" input box.

I intended to use the new option for my secondary Gmail accounts that automatically forward messages to my main account, but it doesn't seem to work. Until now, the spam messages were not forwarded and I didn't receive many important messages that were mistakenly flagged as spam. Since I can't bypass the spam filter and forward the messages to a different account, another idea would be to use Gmail's mail fetcher for my main account and download the messages from the secondary accounts.

There's one situation that doesn't require to set up a filter: if the messages from certain senders are constantly flagged as spam and they shouldn't be, just add them to your contacts list.

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Zimbra From Yahoo!

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Today I found out this new amazing service called '' Zimbra'' from Yahoo! (Not really a service as much as it's a company).

It gives you an amazing offers including one that sounds just like AOL

desktop ,it's called Zimbra Desktop ,it supports e-mail ,calendar and contacts .

To get started : here . To see an overview : here .

See ya

Windows Vista SP1

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Hello !
Today I'm going to talk about the new Windows Vista SP1 (SP for Service Pack one).
A lot of you are using XP SP2,and don't want to use Windows Vista,for some reasons,I'm in love with Vista version Ultimate( There's 4 : Home Basic,Home Premium,Ultimate and Business),here you can see the difference between each one .Mine is Windows Vista Ultimate,as you saw at that page,it is the best version.
The specifications to run Windows Vista are(by my opinion) :
A least 1Gb of ram
at least 20Gb of free hard Disk
A video card which supports Windows Aero.
My specifications of my computer are :
540 Mb of ram
36.54 Gb of hard disk
No video card that supports Aero.
So,even that my specifications does not seem to be ok,it works perfectly for me, specially after installing Vista SP1,it comes in Windows Update after,probably 1 week(for me) after installing vista,or you can download it here .
It makes a huge improvements in the way that Vista runs ,and it adds some features that some of you may not notice .
This video shows you what are the major changes in your Vista system after you install it.
The video is little bit old,so you can make sure,that it was released officially from Microsoft.
Take care

Happy 1 year with Yahoo !

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Hi !
Today I'm closing my 1st year with Yahoo! and I'm so happy about that.
I love Yahoo! with all of its services.
Have a great day.

How to set up E-mail accounts on the new iPhone and iPod touch

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I found this amazing videos on YouTube,you should watch them :

Firefox 3 & Y!Mail make changing your default client easy!

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For everyone out there who has been longing for an easier way to set Yahoo! Mail as your default email client I have some delightful news. With the much ballyhooed recent debut of Firefox 3, as well as some recent updates to All-New Mail, it’s never been easier.

Some of our savvier Windows users have been able to follow a rather simple (but somewhat tedious) process for some time now, and our Mac users have been totally left out (the sad price we pay for being tragically hip), but now everyone can join in on the fun with just a couple steps. of the big additions to FF3 is the Applications section of the Options/Preferences menu. There you can designate how just about any type of link will behave when you click on it. Just look for “mailto” under Content Type and select “Use Yahoo! Mail”.

The list of content types is pretty long, so they’ve also provided a handy Search field to narrow your results.

Now if you happen to be a bit phobic when it comes to digging around your Options/Preferences, All-New Mail has an awesome alternative. added to the Options drop-down is an entry for “Set Y! Mail as my default webmail”. Doing so will switch your “mailto” action from whatever it was to “Always Ask”.

The next time you click on a “mailto” link you will get a handy pop-up asking you to pick your email client, and giving you the choice to make that selection permanent. Settings changed and you never had to navigate your Options/Prefs.

If you haven’t tried Firefox 3 you can download it from the Mozilla website.  Most of you should already see that new choice in your Options menu, but if not you should have it in the next week or so.

Ryan Knight
Community Manager
Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Property Breakdown and Sum of the Parts

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Rumors are circulating about another attempt by Microsoft to acquire part of Yahoo!. The latest rumorssuggest that Microsoft will try to buy Yahoo! Search with a media company (i.e. Time Warner or News Corp) absorbing the rest of the business. To put the value of the search business in context, I wanted to share a breakdown of traffic to the top 20 Yahoo! properties. Also, I've compared clickstream traffic to these top Yahoo! Properties from Google and Yahoo! to show that these Yahoo! properties would not be lost without search.

The following table shows the top 20 Yahoo! Properties based on share of US Internet visits among websites in the custom category of 20 websites.

Yahoo! Property Breakdown.png

I'll admit, I went into this analysis thinking that the data would show that Yahoo! was worth more together - I thought that the sum of the whole would be greater than the parts. However after looking more closely at the data, I'm not sure that is necessarily true.

The following chart shows the share of upstream visits to each of those 20 properties from and Most properties receive more traffic from Google than from Yahoo! Search. In particular, Yahoo! Answers received 49% of its US visits from Google last month, compared to 20% from Yahoo! Search. Flickr received 13% of visits from Google compared with 5% from Yahoo! Search. The exceptions are Yahoo! Image Search and Maps, likely because of Google's shortcuts to its own properties in these verticals, and the Yahoo! account pages. Even Yahoo! Mail and received more traffic from Google than Yahoo! Search. .
upstream to Yahoo.png

Whether Yahoo! is better kept whole or split up I can't say. What I can say is that the parts of Yahoo! are quite valuable and wouldn't necessarily be lost without the search engine.

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Google vs Windows Live

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Hello ^^ !

I've been testing google and Windows Live these couple of weeks,and specially ther free offers: Google Docs by Google and SkyDrive by Windows Live + the emails(Gmail and Hotmail).

1st- I'll start with E-mails ,for my opinion ,Gmail is the best,it's clean and fast and the storage is amazing,by now; Gmail has 6.883 Gb and Hotmail 5 .Hotmail is good too, it's look is so good.

2nd-  I love Google Docs more because ; I can upload as much as I can of files with the extentions : .doc , .ppt  and .pdf, I can edit them,share them or just save them,and I can creat ones too and acces them when I'm offline thanks to Google Gear extention.

It has a clean and easy interface to use.

I am ok with SkyDrive from Windows Live,it does have a clean simple interface, you can upload files with any extention( .exe , .doc , .flv , .mp3 ...etc) , but it has a limit, it gives you 5Gb of storage,and you can't edit any file you uploaded  it,and for me these are the bad things about it .

These all offers are for free !!!

So,this is my opinion,and I want to know yours ^^.

Thanks and see ya