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Lately,Yahoo! was trying to fix several problems with her mail,and to know more about that and if you are a yahoo!Mail user here's how they can help you.
Ryan posts in the official Yahoo!Mail blog :

Earlier this week I posted about issues some users have been experiencing when trying to retrieve email from external accounts within Yahoo! Mail. I’ve been checking with folks internally and have pulled together some additional information for you.

Recently we made some changes to how external account retrieval works. Most notably we added SSL functionality (enhanced security technology), which many users have been clamoring for. We are also taking steps to improve spam blocking for messages that are being retrieved from these external accounts, by running them through more aggressive filters. Unfortunately we encountered some unexpected problems that lead to server errors or processes timing out for some users.

A fix rolled out over the last 3 days that should have resolved the problem for many users. However, we are aware that there are still outstanding issues that are causing problems for other users. The appropriate teams are on the case, and have identified the problems, but are still working on the fix.

Some of you have reported persistent issues here on the blog (or via email), but given that the earlier fix rolled out gradually over the last few days, it would be helpful to know who is still having issues. If you are still experiencing problems today please drop me a line at ymailblog1[at], and I’ll pass your details along to our engineers. These examples should aid them in solving any remaining problems.

Please be sure to include:

  • Yahoo! ID (even if you are emailing me from that ID, it’s good to confirm)
  • Which external email provider(s) you are having issues retrieving from
  • If you use SSL to retrieve from your external provider(s)

We apologize for any confusion, and for the frustration this has caused. I will continue to post updates as more information becomes available.

Ryan Knight
Community Manager
Yahoo! Mail


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m phillips
Saturday, October 18, 2008 at 7:56:00 PM GMT+1 delete

I am still having problems gettin into my email all i get is a blank screen and it does not load even after i have left it up for 6 hours. I am one of the external users. all the other pages load a bit slow but i can't seem to get in to my mail.